Companies Investing in Professional Development Lead the Way: The 2019 CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America

Companies Focusing on Employee Training and Development are the Happiest

IRVINE, Calif.--()--After compiling more than 200,000 independent employee reviews from companies around the United States, CareerBliss announces the 9th annual CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America. This award honors the top companies in the United States that are succeeding in building a happier culture and positive workplace for employees. CareerBliss PhD Board of Advisors have discovered 10 key factors that determine workplace happiness, including culture, leadership, work atmosphere and one’s relationship with coworkers. Using these factors and carefully analyzing thousands of independently submitted employee reviews posted on, a ‘BlissScore’ is derived and attributed to each company to discover the top 50 happiest companies.

The No. 1 CareerBliss Happiest Company for 2019 is Total Quality Logistics with a BlissScore of 4.157 out of 5. The Ohio-based logistics company moved from ranking No. 3 last year to the top spot in the nation. Coming in No. 2 is Keller Williams Realty, with a 3.997 BlissScore. Each of these top companies work hard to provide their employees with a wealth of training, development, and educational opportunities, creating happier workplaces for all employees.

“Companies that invest in their employees are ultimately the happiest companies around. This year’s top companies prove that dedication to training and development is vital to a company’s success, and that by creating pathways, training programs, and educational you’re ultimately creating happier employees,” says Heidi Golledge, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of CareerBliss.

CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America 2019 – Top 10

Rank     Company     BlissScore     Average Salary     CEO Approval Rating
1     Total Quality Logistics     4.157     $40,000.00     97%
2     Keller Williams Realty     3.997     $69,142.00     94%
3     Johnson & Johnson     3.796     $74,000.00     92%
4     Google, Inc.     3.786     $75,000.00     97%
5     Visa, Inc.     3.782     $56,000.00     96%
6     Qualcomm     3.760     $81,730.00     91%
7     URS Corporation     3.757     $71,000.00     92%
8     Intuit, Inc.     3.743     $66,000.00     85%
9     Amgen Inc.     3.740     $76,000.00     84%
10     Fidelity Investments     3.712     $65,000.00     92%

*BlissScore data derived from employee generated company reviews. BlissScore ranks on a scale of 1-5 and evaluates a combination of 10 key factors that impact overall workplace happiness as well as the CEO approval rating.

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Companies that invest in their individuals see better relationships amongst colleagues, allowing managers to develop better managerial and soft skills that allow all employees to grow and be happier in their jobs.

“Your direct manager tends to be your single biggest driver of happiness,” says CareerBliss Advisor Bradley Brummel, PhD. “They can either make your life better or worse on a day to day basis. Instead of companies that think these types of managers are magically found, investing in the training and development of current and future leads is vital to a company’s happiness.”

“CareerBliss gives employees a platform to share their opinions and provide valuable insight for employers and future employees. We are proud to provide this resource, and extremely happy to recognize companies and their leaders who are truly excelling at making America’s workplaces happier,” continues Golledge.

What Makes Employees Happy?

Sticking to a mission, valuing employees, and providing great learning and development options are a few ways the 50 Happiest Companies are creating positive and thriving workplaces.

"Every year, every month, every day this company impresses me. TQL's biggest asset is their people and it shows. Thank you TQL for giving me a career where I have the opportunity to control my destiny,” says a Marketing Representative, Total Quality Logistics.

"I love working at Keller Williams Realty! In my two years I have had the opportunity to learn and to participate in professional development and truly build my career. Keller Williams values ‘lives worth living,’ which means my boss encourages me to use my PTO and have a healthy work/life balance,” Communications Administrator, Keller Williams Realty.

How CareerBliss Evaluates Happiness at Work

CareerBliss’ data evaluates the ten key factors that impact happiness at work including: One’s relationship with management and company CEO, compensation, workplace environment, growth opportunities, satisfaction with job role, and one’s overall workplace setting. The results are generated from review submissions and serve to provide insight into employers. All reviews are ranked on a scale of 1-5.

About CareerBliss

CareerBliss is an online career community designed to help everyone find happiness in the workplace. An information hub for everyone that works—employers, job seekers and recruiters—CareerBliss offers the ability to find out what makes them happy and the ability to seek that out in other jobs or improve it in their current one using our PhD Board of Advisors, more than six million independent company reviews and salary comparisons, and more than three million job listings.

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Alia Henson, (316) 619-4245
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