Bezant Listed on Bithumb, World's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

SINGAPORE--()--Bezant Foundation has announced that its key currency BZNT of its blockchain platform will be listed on Bithumb, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange as of Nov. 8th, 2018 (Coinmarketcap).

Wallets will be opened for deposits on Nov. 8th, 14:00 KST and will officially start trading later on the day on Bithumb. The listing will provide BZNT token liquidity and allow the Bezant’s BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform to grow and expand the dApp ecosystem on its platform as token liquidity is the key to success for projects developing dApps.

“After passing Bithumb’s rigorous listing procedure, we were able to garner recognition of our Bezant’s token value, technical stability, and also use case. We believe that this opportunity would increase market liquidity and propel us in our journey to create a killer service while establishing more dApp partners. We will strengthen our token economics by listing in more global exchanges.” says Steve Tay, Foundation Director of Bezant.

Bezant is a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) which aims to create a blockchain ecosystem that includes the usage of Bezant (BZNT) token as a key currency and also an array of services such as a crypto wallet. Bezant has been putting its utmost in establishing strategic partnerships across various sectors to create an environment that supports real use cases for dApps through its BaaS service.

Bezant has established multiple strategic partnerships this month with MOIN being its first, a fin-tech company that focuses on global remittance solutions, Latis Global, a game localization specialized company, and New.F.O, a Social Network Game Company. As Bezant’s BaaS services expands, the use of BZNT will also be expected to increase. Meanwhile, Bithumb will hold an airdrop event of 7.8 million BZNT tokens. More details can be found in Bithumb’s announcement page.

Bezant with its mainnet expected to launch in 1Q of next year has recorded a successful token sale, raising 16.8 million dollars in an hour, making it one of the fastest ICO’s in Asia. After its successful sale, Bezant has been collaborating with IBM to focus and develop the BaaS platform and also quarterly releasing a progress report on their development to their community.

Bezant offers a BaaS that allows dApp projects, through a simple web admin page, to access the blockchain within a couple of clicks without the need to build or manage an entire blockchain infrastructure. Partners can also issue their own token onto the Bezant’s network. Bezant will release a testnet in Q4 of this year.

Bezant was founded in Singapore and has caught global attention by its team of well experienced experts from Kakao Pay, Kakao Commerce, which are well known for giant companies in South Korea, NHN Entertainment, and Ebay.

Bezant token is currently being traded on Bibox, Hotbit, Fatbtc, and Idex.

About Bezant Foundation

Bezant Foundation was founded in Singapore. Bezant offers a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) and aims to create blockchain ecosystem where BZNT will serve as a key currency. Bezant team has caught the attention of this industry through its team of experts from Kakao Pay, Kakao Commerce, NHN Entertainment, and Ebay. Also, Bezant has achieved a record of the fastest ICO in Asia (2018) raising 16.8 million dollars in an hour.


Bezant Foundation
Victor Jeong, +82-10-6253-4401

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Bezant Foundation's key currency BZNT of its blockchain platform will be listed on Bithumb, world's largest cryptocurrency exchange as of Nov 8, 2018

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Bezant Foundation
Victor Jeong, +82-10-6253-4401