PROS Survey of UK B2B Leaders Finds Opportunities to Capitalise on Digital Economy with Personalised Customer Experiences

PROS research finds that nearly two-thirds of UK businesses already have a digital transformation underway and believe eCommerce benefits are significant, despite higher than average cultural resistance to digital channels

LONDON--()--PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimise selling in the digital economy, today announced the findings of its global survey into digital buying and selling trends. “The Future is Now: Technologies Shaping Commerce in the UK” examines how digitalisation is changing the buying experience and sellers’ perceptions of technologies that are enabling it. The global study, conducted by Hanover Research on behalf of PROS, examines the expectations and digital initiatives of more than 700 B2B decision makers including more than 100 from the UK. The respondents work for B2B businesses that sell to buyers across a variety of industries, including discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, wholesale distributors and services.

“The digital economy has created a changing marketplace that’s put more power into buyers’ hands,” said PROS Chief Marketing Officer Celia Fleischaker. “Customers now have greater expectations of their vendors, including transparency and frictionless buying experiences.

“As part of the digital transformation initiatives that 64 percent of responding UK-based organisations have already started, the highest percentage globally, eCommerce and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving significant changes in how organisations operate,” Fleischaker noted. “Although the majority see these technologies as advantageous, mastering personalised customer experiences and offering real-time dynamic pricing across channels will be key to unlock their revenue-generating potential.”

Adjusting to the Digital Economy

Digital trends are playing out across all regions surveyed, yet in nuanced ways. UK respondents share similar optimism about the impact of eCommerce and AI compared to other regions and had comparable digital transformation initiatives underway or planned.

The survey found that the shift to a digital buying experience is creating three primary pain points in the UK: maintaining consistent customer experiences, providing consistent product catalogues across channels, and a cultural resistance to supporting digital purchase initiatives. Nearly half of UK respondents said they were more likely to encounter cultural resistance to supporting digital purchase channels, 80 percent higher than their peers in Germany and 36 percent higher than respondents in France.

Despite the challenges they may encounter, more than half of UK respondents believe that eCommerce will help them reach more customers, satisfy customer expectations for self-serve buying, and reduce overhead costs.

Charting a New Path Forward with eCommerce

eCommerce is an increasingly important channel for businesses, as it serves customer needs by providing a self-service buying experience, while also enabling organisations to more easily scale. According to the study, there is almost universal agreement among participants that eCommerce provides a competitive advantage, as 72 percent of respondents perceive it as advantageous. Responding UK businesses are aligned with their peers globally that a majority of their sales will come from eCommerce within five years. They are, however, starting from a different point. In fact, 65 percent of responding UK businesses believe more than half of their sales will come from eCommerce within the next five years, more than quadrupling the 14 percent achieved at present by respondents.

Although the opportunities created by eCommerce are significant, responding organisations have concerns that must be addressed as they adjust to the new normal. Maintaining updated pricing, maintaining competitive pricing, and protecting price attainment are the top three concerns that responding UK companies express.

Rethinking Technology Initiatives

Businesses are in the process of transforming to meet the requirements of the new digital economy. With 35 percent of UK surveyed companies planning future digital transformation projects in addition to the majority that have projects in progress, transformation will be underway within the next few years for almost all responding businesses – leaving a mere one percent of respondents without any planned initiatives.

Participating organisations recognised the importance of digital transformation, as nearly seven-in-ten respondents think that each element of digital strategy is either very or extremely important. More than half of these companies believe their organisation is above average or excellent in their use of technology. However, the majority of respondents have not yet implemented all of the technologies they feel are necessary, indicating that those organisations may not be as far along in their transformation journey as they believe.

AI Enhancing Connections with Customers

Companies are also considering new digital options, including AI, as evidenced by more than half – a full 52 percent -- of UK respondents indicating they need to invest more in the technology.

One of the most intriguing use cases for AI lies in marketing and sales, where its value is rapidly accelerating. Respondents consider the ability of AI to predict customer needs as the most important way that it will impact sales, followed by automating orders and optimising pricing for buying scenarios. As a result of its impact, 62 percent of UK respondents believe AI will be a high priority for marketing and sales activities within two years, compared to 30 percent of respondents who view it as a high priority today.

The full “The Future is Now: Technologies Shaping Commerce in the UK” report is available for download here, and the global study results can be found here.

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