paycosmos launches ‘ISO in a Box’

This turnkey payments platform gives an ISO everything needed to market, sell, register underwrite, deliver, and service merchant accounts; including Instant Merchant Settlement

OXNARD, Calif.--()--paycosmos, the first adopter of Instant Merchant Settlement (IMS) paycosmos and full-service payments solution provider today announced the launch of ‘ISO in a Box’, a linked2pay powered payment platform that can be white labeled in minutes. The platform consolidates everything an ISO needs to support agents, acquire and underwrite merchants while leveraging payment innovations without the cost and risk of building and maintaining complex technical infrastructures.

“The best part of our paycosmos ‘ISO in a Box’ offering is that there is no project, yet the solutions and controls we pass along are cutting edge, innovative and highly flexible. As an example ‘ISO in a Box’ includes everything an ISO needs to offer their merchants Instant Merchant Settlements. All supported by our API options to produce optimal solutions,” says Robert ‘Jay’ McShirley, CEO of linked2pay.

Platform components and features include:

Registration - online forms gather merchant data and score results in real-time

Underwriting - data feeds automated underwriting and optimizes portfolio management

Onboarding - configures the merchant for card, ACH, RTP, IMS and RDC

Solution Delivery seamless solution delivery for terminal, POS and CNP merchants

Game Changing Options - Instant Merchant Settlements (IMS)

IMS links a merchant's terminal to their bank account. A merchant can utilize Instant Merchant Settlement exactly the same as the credit card processing they do today - the only difference is they get paid instantly. When they accept a credit card payment the funds are in their bank account and available for withdrawal in seconds, 24/7/365 (including weekends and holidays.)

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About paycosmos

As the first adopter of Instant Merchant Settlement (IMS) paycosmos is a full-service, payments solution provider of traditional point-of-sale terminals, virtual terminals, mobile, invoicing, hosted payments and more to help businesses securely accept payments just about anywhere. A transmodus company; paycosmos is a registered ISO/MSP of Avidia Bank, Hudson, MA.

About linked2pay

linked2pay® provides risk and payment solutions to deliver ACH, credit card, RTP and check processing automation. The company provides their white label payment solutions platform to banks, channel partners, and their clients. Always an innovator, the Company launched the first On-Demand check processing platform in 2002 and is a multiple industry award winner for banking and payments innovation.

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Richard McShirley, CMO

Release Summary

paycosmos launches 'ISO in a Box' and provides everything an ISO needs- including Instant Merchant Settlement


Richard McShirley, CMO