The AI Foundation Raises $10 Million From World-Leading Investors to Transform Media, Entertainment and Communications

Founders Fund, You & Mr Jones Lead;

Top Technology and Media Leaders Participate, Including Endeavor and Biz Stone

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The AI Foundation has secured funds from leaders across Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Founders Fund, You & Mr Jones, Endeavor, Biz Stone, and many others have joined forces to help The AI Foundation make some of its cutting-edge technology around trusted, decentralized and personal AI accessible to all.

“Bringing personal AI to everyone opens up a new world of personal media, forever transforming entertainment and communications,” said Lars Buttler, The AI Foundation co-founder and CEO. “Visionary leaders in technology, media, communications and branding are ideal partners in this exciting mission.”

Cyan Banister, Founders Fund partner, and David Jones, You & Mr Jones founder, have joined the Board of Directors. Banister is widely recognized as a thought leader in technology and media; her extensive portfolio includes DeepMind, Uber, Niantic and SpaceX. David Jones is the former global CEO of Havas and the co-founder of One Young World. He was a founding member of the Facebook Client Council and is regarded as a world-class brand and marketing technology expert. His brandtech group has made investments in technology innovators like Pinterest and Niantic, as well as AI-driven companies such as Automat and Crossing Minds.

“There is no doubt AI will transform our society,” said Cyan Banister. “The AI Foundation is leading the development of powerful tools to advance humanity in both revolutionary and responsible ways.”

“We are at the dawn of a new era of AI-powered media and branding,” said David Jones. “The AI Foundation is building remarkable technology that has significant potential not just for marketing and brands but for the world.”

Twitter and Medium co-founder Biz Stone, has also joined The AI Foundation’s Global AI Council, which brings together top scientists and innovators to research and evaluate how AI can move humanity forward, as well as anticipate and counteract its risks. The AI Foundation recently introduced the first phase of Reality Defender, a guardian-AI protecting against fake media.

“The potential to recognize the true promise of AI and to amplify the best traits of humanity are the driving values of The AI Foundation,” said Biz Stone. “The recognition and proactive approach to the possible negative impact of this technology is also reassuring. Seeing the whole picture, addressing the whole picture, and being willing to take responsibility is one of the most impressive things about The AI Foundation.”

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About The AI Foundation

The AI Foundation’s mission is to move humanity forward through the power of decentralized, trusted, personal AI, while anticipating and counteracting the risks of AI’s proliferation in society. With the help of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists and innovators, The AI Foundation develops foundational technology, products and experiences.

About You & Mr Jones

You & Mr Jones is the world's first Brandtech group. Its mission is to help businesses build brands better, faster, and cheaper using technology. It was founded in June 2015 by former Havas Global CEO and Facebook Client Council founding member David Jones. You & Mr Jones sits at the intersection of the dramatic growth in mobile, a tech revolution that has empowered people to create, produce and share unprecedented amounts of content, the impending revolution in AI, AR, and VR, and frustrated global companies looking for brand- and tech-literate partners, and have acquired 5 companies, invested in 21 and launched two start-ups. Group clients include Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, Accenture, Unilever, Google, Sony, Coca-Cola, Coty, Richemont, Emirates, Mastercard, Diageo, Danone, Samsung, AXA, Orange, Renault, Ferrero, Lacoste, BNP Paribas, Europcar, and Total. You & Mr Jones is headquartered in New York and has offices in San Francisco, London, Bangalore, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Sydney, Mexico City, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and Paris.

About Founders Fund

Founders Fund invests in science and technology companies solving difficult problem. The firm has been an early backer of some of the most impactful companies of the past decade, including SpaceX, Palantir, Facebook and Airbnb. Founders Fund pursues a founder-friendly investment strategy, providing maximum support with minimum interference. More information can be found at


fortyseven for The AI Foundation
Sibel Sunar


fortyseven for The AI Foundation
Sibel Sunar