Timescale Announces TimescaleDB 1.0—Empowering Organizations to Leverage Time-Series Data to Analyze the Past, Understand the Present, and Predict the Future

Over 1 million downloads in less than 18 months signifies positive momentum for TimescaleDB and the time-series market

NEW YORK--()--Timescale, the company behind the first open-source time-series database powered by PostgreSQL, announced the first release candidate for TimescaleDB 1.0. This milestone signifies TimescaleDB’s maturity and readiness as an enterprise time-series database designed to support full SQL and scale.

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Just a year and a half after its launch in April 2017, businesses all over the world trust TimescaleDB for powering mission-critical applications including industrial data analysis, complex monitoring systems, operational data warehousing, financial risk management, geospatial asset tracking, and more.

Momentum and milestones:

TimescaleDB 1.0 key features:

  • Is blazingly fast and built for scale: ingests millions of data points per second; scales tables to 100s of billions of rows and 10s of terabytes; returns quick responses to complex queries; much faster than other time-series databases.
  • Supports full SQL: looks like PostgreSQL on the outside, architected for time-series on the inside.
  • Offers the largest ecosystem of any time-series database including: Tableau, Grafana, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Prometheus, Zabbix support.
  • Is proven and enterprise ready: offers the reliability and tooling of PostgreSQL, enterprise-grade security, production-ready SLAs and support.
  • Is designed to manage time-series data: automatic space-time partitioning, the hypertable abstraction layer, adaptive chunk sizing, new functions for easier time-series analytics in SQL, and more.
  • Includes other features: geospatial analysis, JSON support, and easy schema management.

Key Quotes:

Ajay Kulkarni, Co-Founder & CEO, Timescale
“Based on all the adoption we’re seeing, it’s becoming clear to us that all data is essentially time-series data. We’re building TimescaleDB to accommodate this growing need for a performant, easy-to-use, SQL-centric, and enterprise-ready time-series database. The technology that solves this problem will become a foundational component for businesses worldwide and we believe TimescaleDB is poised to be this foundational technology.”

Chris Holcombe, Production Dev Engineer, Comcast
“Initially my colleagues were skeptical when I suggested storing metrics for our 120 petabyte data center in a relational database, but after replacing the prior NoSQL database with TimescaleDB we couldn't be more happy with the performance. In addition, because TimescaleDB is an extension of PostgreSQL, we're now starting to expand the scope of the metrics storage to power executive dashboards and advanced analytical functions that our prior NoSQL solution couldn't support.”

Erik Anderson, Lead Software Engineer, Bloomberg
“At Bloomberg, we have millions of data feeds and trillions of data points dating back over 100 years. My team and I have been extremely pleased with TimescaleDB’s capability to accommodate our workload while simplifying geo-financial analytics and data visualization. If you are looking to support large scale time-series datasets, then TimescaleDB is a good fit.”

To get started, download TimescaleDB directly from the installation guide. For deployment assistance and production-level SLAs, TimescaleDB enterprise support is available. Learn more by visiting www.timescale.com.

About TimescaleDB

TimescaleDB, developed by the engineers at Timescale, is the first open-source time-series database to scale for fast ingest and complex queries while natively supporting full SQL. Because time is a critical dimension along which data is measured, TimescaleDB enables developers and organizations to harness more of its power to analyze the past, understand the present, and predict the future. TimescaleDB is deployed in production all around the world in a variety of industries including Telecom, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Media & Entertainment, and more. Based in New York and Stockholm, TimescaleDB is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors. For more information, visit www.timescale.com or follow @TimescaleDB.


Cassie McAllister
Content Marketing Manager

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Timescale Announces TimescaleDB 1.0


Cassie McAllister
Content Marketing Manager