Varying Your Email Identity Strengthens Online Privacy and Security

Save Your Primary Email Address for Family and Friends

BURLINGTON, Mass.--()--Many people understand the privacy and security advantages of using multiple email addresses in the impersonal and often risky realm of their online lives. To realize these benefits, however, most people have resorted to throwaway email accounts and disposable addresses. ManyMe eliminates the shortcomings of these other approaches by delivering a far broader and more effective range of advantages, with the simplicity and convenience that consumers demand.

ManyMe makes it easy for individuals to use multiple email identities online, in conversation, or even when filling out a paper form. For example, when a clerk in a store asks for an email address, users can disclose a ManyMe address that they create on-the-fly, perhaps one that includes the name of the store, for example,

All ManyMe addresses are automatically remembered and managed, and email that passes through ManyMe’s layered defenses is delivered to the user’s primary inbox, in any email system – users don’t have to remember a thing, and they only have one inbox to manage. The same process works with any browser, and users of Google Chrome can take advantage of a feature that automates the creation of unique addresses.

By using substitute email identities, users gain added protection against common hacker exploits, such as credential reuse and phishing attacks. ManyMe even informs users when an address spreads to new senders at new sites, which may be an early indication that the original site has been compromised. When a breach is confirmed, ManyMe will proactively alert users who may be affected.

“ManyMe puts the user back in control,” said David Hughes, ManyMe’s co-founder and CEO, “by delivering stronger online privacy, security, control and awareness.”

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About is an easy-to-use cloud service that brings corporate-grade security tools and best practices to individuals everywhere for stronger privacy, security, control and awareness in their digital lives. The service includes a wide range of capabilities that help protect users from hackers and their malicious intent. ManyMe respects the privacy of its users and does not sell their data. ManyMe is a trademark of Raven Fly, Inc.

David Hughes, +1-781-856-8159

Release Summary is a free consumer service that makes it easy to use multiple email addresses for stronger privacy, security, control and awareness online.

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David Hughes, +1-781-856-8159