Castem Creates World's First Limited Product Featuring 888 Casts of Manny Pacquiao's Fist, the Legendary Six-time World Boxing Champion!

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TOKYO--()--Castem Co., Ltd., a metal cast manufacturer, will commence pre-sales from July 15, 2018, of a cast made out of the left fist of legendary six-time former world boxing champion and Senator of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao. Utilizing technology developed in Japan, the veins, wrinkles and even the pores of Pacquiao’s left hand have been accurately recreated in the left-hand cast, entitled “History of Manny Pacquiao”. A limited run of 888 casts will go on sale for 2,800 USD (300,000JPY / tax excluded).
To reserve a cast, please visit a dedicated website (available internationally) at

To create the cast, Castem made a mold with Pacquiao’s actual left hand during his visit to Tokyo in February 2018 in cooperation with MP Promotion Japan. Pacquiao sunk his left hand in casting materials for approximately 10 minutes and then Castem produced the original mold by applying its precision casting technology. Part of the revenue from the product will be donated to Pacquiao’s charitable institution, the “Emmanuel & Jinkee's Heart Foundation.”

Key points of the product:

(1) Fist
The cast itself was created out of Silzin bronze - which gives off a golden luster which possesses outstanding presence and an authentic feeling.

(2) Stand
The stand for the cast is printed with Pacquiao’s signature. Made from cherry wood, it is painted in a blue that resembles the flag of the Philippines, Pacquiao’s mother country.

(3) Serial Number
Pacquiao’s logo has been turned into stainless metal (utilizing Castem’s metal injection technology), onto which a serial number is laser-etched. The surface is finished with ion plating, and its golden color enhances the premium quality appearance.

(4) Box
The box contains a certificate that guarantees the product. Being in the box, the background is red, the fist is golden-yellow, the base is blue and the sign is white: together, they represent the colors of the Philippines’ flag.

Sale of 88 Limited-Edition Models at the Fighting Match Venue

A title fight takes place in Malaysia on July 15 between Manny Pacquiao and Lucas Matthysse, and a number of limited-edition casts will be sold at the match venue. The surface of the limited model is made with special ion plating, resulting in a unique finish with an even greater sense of quality than the standard models. The 88 limited-edition models will be available at 2,800 USD (300,000 yen), which can only be purchased at the fight venue. Buyers will also receive a bag decorated with the Manny Pacquiao logo.
(* Visitors to the event venue will be provided with passwords to access to the website for purchase)

Product Overview

Product name: History of Manny Pacquiao
Price: 2,945 USD (324,000 yen / including tax / Price is calculated under currency rate of 1USD@110JPY as of July 3, 2018)
Release date: August 8, 2018 (Delivery starts this day)
Start of pre-sales: July 15, 2018

About Castem Co., Ltd.

True to its motto “Castem can make any kind of metal product,” Castem’s core business is the production and sales of various industrial precision parts.
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* Castem is an official sponsor featured on Pacquiao’s trunks

For reservations and inquiries, please visit the website “History of Manny Pacquiao”:


Kyodo PR for Castem
Tatsuya Sakai


Kyodo PR for Castem
Tatsuya Sakai