Results of RELX N.V EGM

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For immediate release
28 June 2018

RELX N.V. EGM 28 June 2018

RELX N.V. announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM), held at the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel at Schiphol Airport on 28 June 2018, approved the cross-border merger between RELX N.V. and RELX PLC.

The results of the voting on the resolutions are set out below:

Resolution   For   %   Against   %   Total votes cast*   Votes


2. Amendment of the Company’s articles of association in connection with the merger proposed under agenda item 3 701,974,610 99.99 9,964 0.001 701,984,574 4,249,835
3. Cross-border merger between the Company and RELX PLC 701,999,907 99.99 12,907 0.002 702,012,814 4,221,595
4a. Release from liability of the executive directors 695,278,171 98.58 9,985,372 1.42 705,263,543 970,866
4b. Release from liability of the non-executive directors 695,278,977 98.58 9,984,562 1.42 705,263,539 970,870

*Note: Excluding votes ‘withheld’.

The shares represented 706,234,409 votes, which is 75.7% of our issued share capital entitled to vote. Each share confers the right to cast one vote.


Issued on behalf of RELX N.V.