Remarkable Korean Content Startup Companies Are Coming to Thailand!

SEOUL, South Korea & BANGKOK--()--This June, remarkable Korean content startup companies will visit Bangkok. These startups were selected and supported companies by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) which is the main governmental organization for cultural content industry of South Korea.

Here are the companies listed in alphabetical order.

Baruck Co. Ltd., gave birth to the Kidult character Mimi de Bichon Friends and introduces variety of products like kid’s furniture, bedding, cosmetics, daily necessities, clothing, food, emoticon, mobile accessories etc. which Licensing is featured and actively progressing through domestic and foreign department stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. It is expected to attract more attention from ASEAN buyers in this event.

Flitto Inc. is a platform (web/app) designed to allow 9 million Global Crowdsourcing users around the world to send and receive translations and real-time responses. In 2018, currently supports 23 languages including Thai, Japanese, Asian and European languages.

International Language Educational Development Institute based on the closed caption interaction technology provides "virtual dialogue technology" and "video data mining patent technology" in five major countries like USA, China, Japan, Korea and India.

Jaedam Media is a company specialized in comic contents and currently has more than 250 cartoon works on domestic major platforms like comic planning, production, author management, copyright business with about 200 managers and 100 collaborative writers. Surely, they are also planning to launch global business, like movies and drama.

Marvrus is an edu-tech company that uses real-time educational contents using VR, AR and MR technology. They sell functional game apps similar to software production, edutainment content with educational purpose. In 2017, the Ministry of Education awarded them the Grand Prize in the field of e-Learning contents in proving their expertise. They are preparing to enter overseas markets with the goal of becoming the global edu-tech company.

Pingo Entertainment plans and produces TV series and 3D animations. It is comprehensive entertainment company which aims to develop various cultural content businesses such as planning, production, licensing and interactive contents.

Popjoy started out as a mobile game developer in 2013, has self-developed mobile SRPG Demi GodWar, Yoddha Deva SanGram served directly in Southeast Asia and India. It has signed an official license with Turner in the Cartoon Network Arena and in June 20, had soft launching in Singapore and New Zealand. It is planning to legitimately launch in Southeast Asian market in the second quarter of this year.

Xrisp Co., Ltd. is a company which produces multimedia content, animation, games and smart media contents. By connecting animations, software, and hardware, they created a smart RC car based on the animation "Roller Coaster Boynori" IP. In addition, this year the digital interactive theme park "Nori park" will be built and will be opened in Germany and China. They are producing realistic contents based in the world view of Nori.

Yoon and Company INC. is on the process of producing movies, entertainment and planning to have the joint production of TV drama series with Korea-Taiwan based company in 2018 and has more than 250 additional business rights, and is also working on distributing overseas.

You will have a great opportunity to meet them, if you visit K-Content Expo from June 28 to 30, at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center in Bangkok. It will host exhibitions and various events by genre such as broadcasting, animation characters, comics, games, VR, etc. and A special and highly recognized Korean drama OST concert also will be held with Korean famous OST singers.


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Korean content startup companies that are supported by Korea Creative Content Agency will visit K-Content EXPO Thailand 2018 from June 28 to 30.

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Choi won jin, 82-2-6441-3642