Hilariously Illustrated Pre-K/Kindergarten Vocabulary Program Launches in the U.S., Highlighting the Importance of Social and Emotional Intelligence

Mrs Wordsmith unlocks early education literacy working with award-winning Hollywood illustrators and world class academics

Mrs Wordsmith’s The Social Journey illustrated practice card for the word ‘tough’ (Graphic: Mrs Wordsmith)

LONDON--()--Mrs Wordsmith launches its early-learning program in the U.S. The Social Journey will help early learners expand their social and emotional vocabulary through a series of picture books and word-a-day products, with the app to follow soon.

Mrs Wordsmith combines data science and creativity, to show children the words they need for school and life. Designed by the award-winning Hollywood Art Director, Craig Kellman, these laugh-out-loud illustrations were created to help kids feel, learn and understand their emotions. Backed by Cambridge University industry-leading researchers, Mrs Wordsmith is a research-driven vocabulary and literacy program that works.

Mrs Wordsmith worked closely with Professor Susan Neuman at NYU to develop this innovative, illustrated vocabulary program. Professor Neuman is a former Assistant Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education for the United States and is an advisor to several literacy research groups including Sesame Workshop, the non-profit group behind shows like Sesame Street.

The Social Journey

Developed for children aged 3-6, the monthly subscription program focuses on developing social and emotional intelligence, a critical element for children on their journey to first grade. Young children develop deeper social, emotional and academic skills with the right vocabulary.

“We focus on cultivating a growth mindset to build resilience, foster creativity and instill a love of reading for children right from the start,” said Sofia Fenichell, CEO of Mrs Wordsmith. “Our illustrations for ‘share’ and ‘tough’ are two of my favorites because they are funny and really bring difficult concepts to life for young children. For example, these two illustrations help children understand the importance of community and being resilient.”

The program draws upon research best practices to ignite literacy and increase the engagement between parent and child, and is suitable for both home and school use. The box includes tools to help young learners navigate and express their emotions, and build their value system by understanding who they want to be.

Key benefits of the Social Journey curriculum include:

  1. School Readiness: Communication is key for children’s social, emotional and academic development. (Roorda et al., 2011).
  2. Emotional Understanding: When children learn vocabulary to identify their feelings, they are better able to manage them. Likewise, discussing concepts like ‘community’ empowers children to engage with their world (Elias, 2014).
  3. Social Emotional Learning: Children learn early about self-awareness, resilience and community by placing words in context with stories they can follow and enjoy. Each word that a child learns provides them with a wealth of conceptual information (Neuman, Newman & Dwyer, 2011).
  4. Visual Learning and Humor: Children learn and retain information better visually (Chambers, Cheung, Madden, Slavin, and Gifford, 2006) and humor releases dopamine which increases motivation and long-term memory (Wise, 2004).
  5. Ladder Vocabulary: Children will cover a broad spectrum of social and emotional learning with 240 word stories, across five core categories focused on self-awareness, resilience, creativity, communication and community.

The Social Journey is delivered over a 12-month period, with 20-word stories per month, ideal for developing ‘word a day’ habits and values at home. Each month customers will receive:

  1. Story book -- Illustrated stories featuring the monthly words
  2. Word of the Day workbook -- Exercises to increase word use and comprehension
  3. Word cards -- Colorful “flashcards” with engaging illustrations to use on-the-go

The Social Journey is available for $22.49 per month or a one-time fee of $239.40 for a year-long subscription. The Social Journey will be available to U.S. customers starting June 21.

For more information about how to sign up for Mrs Wordsmith The Social Journey subscription, visit www.mrswordsmith.com.

About Mrs Wordsmith

Mrs Wordsmith combines data science and creativity, to show children the words they need for school and life. Hilariously illustrated by the Emmy award-winning artists behind Madagascar, this is research-driven vocabulary that works.

Mrs Wordsmith is on a mission to transform the way children learn words, in a way that matters to them.


Mrs Wordsmith
Media Contact:
Tara Chiarell, 202-772-1450


Mrs Wordsmith
Media Contact:
Tara Chiarell, 202-772-1450