Gyrfalcon Technology (GTI) and INBlockchain Tech. Co. (INB) Announce Collaboration for an “AI Blockchain Ecosystem” That Will Expand the Range of Artificial Intelligence Solutions Across the Industry

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI), a leading global AI technology solutions provider, and INBlockchain Tech. Co. (INB), a global provider of AI enabled devices and equipment solutions, today announced a collaboration to deploy an AI Blockchain Ecosystem that will enable stronger participation in developing and using AI that will expand the range of solutions that increase penetration into new domains for users and organizations.

The two companies are working together to break through the current “Big Data AI” mindset, to drive momentum for “AI at the Edge” that will open the range of benefits Artificial Intelligence will bring when it is executed at the edge of the network, when compared to being executed in data centers far from the users. “AI at the Edge” refers to what can happen when the devices themselves can work with images, audio and language at the point of interaction, eliminating network latency, improving privacy and conserving energy to benefit users & organizations with improved experiences, productivity, security and energy usage.

INB will be present in the GTI booth at this week’s CVPR (Computer Vision Pattern Recognition) Conference, occurring this week from June 18th through June 22nd in Salt Lake City, Utah. They will be discussing AI solutions and the AI Blockchain Ecosystem with technology partners, customers and the press during this week, and promoting this concept to potential new ecosystem partners.

INB will be promoting their new AI device portfolio for users, homes and organizations. The apps and services on these devices will be able to execute AI on these devices, with the reduced latency and increased privacy that AI on the Edge can deliver:

  • TEE Pad, a smartphone enabled for AI Applications and services
  • TEE Home, a router executing AI within the home, with auto back-up of media files
  • TEE AI Miner Essential, a USB 3.0 dongle that converts computing devices into AI capable and allows users to participate in blockchain data mining
  • TEE PRO, a rack mounted solution that provides higher capacity AI processing for data mining and automation tasks

GTI provides the AI technology the INB products will use to execute AI enabled apps and services. The Lightspeeur 2801s® AI Accelerator Chip, which has the industry’s best ratio for high performance, low cost, small size and price, enables devices to perform an amazing array of AI at the Edge functions. These functions include Natural Language Processing, Image Classification, Facial Recognition, Speech to Text, and many, many more.

“It is exciting for us to be collaborating with INB on this evolutionary AI Blockchain Ecosystem. Our full dimensional Distributed, De-centralized and Device Deep-Learning technologies are enabling powerful AI at the Edge of networks, finally making powerful AI execution on devices feasible, addressing the previous issues of performance, size and energy use. Working with INB and other ecosystem partners will expand industry and user participation so that the potential of AI at the Edge can deliver to its potential,” said Dr. Lin Yang, GTI’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientist. Dr. Yang will be speaking Friday, the 22nd of June at the CVPR Conference, presenting “Ultra Power-Efficient CNN Domain Specific Accelerator with 9.3TOPS/Watt for Mobile and Embedded Applications.”

“We are excited to announce our new portfolio of AI Enabled devices and solutions, and our collaboration with GTI to launch this AI Blockchain Ecosystem, bring TEE products and TEE inside partner in,” said Su Jin, Vice President of INB.

About Gyrfalcon Technology Inc (GTI).

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. is a world leading AI technology provider that makes “AI at the Edge” feasible for high scale commercial deployment with a chipset and solutions with a superior ration of high performance, low cost, small size and low energy use. Founded in Silicon Valley, Milpitas, California in Spring 2017, GTI successfully launched their first product incorporating their revolutionary APiM (AI Processing in Memory) (Patented) architecture, featuring massive parallel computing capabilities, empowering and bringing AI to consumer electronic devices, mobile edge computing and smart home applications. For more information, contact Marc Naddell, Vice President of Marketing:

About INBlockchain Tech. Co. (INB)

INBlockchain Tech. Co. (INB) is the trusted devices arm of INBlockchain Group, which is the largest and most influential investment group in the Chinese blockchain space, early investors in meaningful blockchain applications and among the largest global holders of Bitcoin, EOS. INB is dedicated to developing trusted hardware devices for blockchain, especially with integrated AI capability. INB is driving the formation of a blockchain ecosystem for trusted devices by enabling collaboration across the Group’s many internal product studios (Yunbi, a top global crypto-exchange, one of the highest-volume crowd-funding platforms; YoY, a white label exchange service pools; infrastructure projects like,, Mixin, and INB will offer branded devices under the INB label, while allowing partners to develop “INB inside” products to enrich the blockchain ecosystem. For more information, visit and contact Jin SU, Vice President of Marketing.


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