Authentic International to Launch TOUGH BEAT, the World's First Waterproof Wireless Surface Speaker with No Input or Output Jacks, on Kickstarter

Successfully raised roughly 10 million yen in crowdfunding here in Japan

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TOUGH BEAT, the world's first waterproof wireless surface speaker with no input or output jacks.

TOKYO--()--Today begins the Kickstarter campaign for TOUGH BEAT, the world’s first waterproof wireless surface speakers, from Authentic International. TOUGH BEAT is a compact and extremely convenient product, complete with waterproof functionality, Bluetooth connections, and a wireless charging system.

Check out TOUGH BEAT’s Kickstarter program here:

TOUGH BEAT's surface speaker design can be attached on walls and tables, turning that surface into a speaker. Sound propagates from the whole of the surface, delivering clear sound at a distance. This type of propagation delivers a natural sound similar to that of a musical instrument, so you can hear music as the artist intended. What makes this product very unique is how broadly the sound output will change depending on the size, thickness, and quality of the different materials you can attach it to, including plastics, wood, glass, and metals like stainless steel.

Compact, wireless and waterproof. Your music listening environment now has no bounds. Take out those headphones and listen to your favorites in the kitchen, in the bath, outdoors, or wherever you like.

Authentic International has successfully raised roughly 10 million yen with crowdfunding in Japan. The company has now set its sights on an overseas expansion program, hoping to bring TOUGH BEAT to even more customers. That project will run through July 15th, 2018 (Japan time).

What is Authentic International Co., Ltd.?

Authentic International Co., Ltd. is a company established in 2011 that specializes in the planning, design and development of audio equipment. Originally, Authentic International was NEC's take on intrapreneurship, but now is known for their surface speaker production and development.
Their pursuit of new possibilities for surface speakers, including liquid crystal display screens with built-in SoundVu audio systems, the first of their kind throughout the world, has led Authentic International to accumulate an impressive store of technical know-how.
The manager of this project is Takeaki Anazawa, consultant for Authentic International Co., Ltd. Takeaki originally worked at Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd., now called Denon, to develop quadraphonic sound systems, karaoke systems, the digitalization of music content, and the development of the world's first PCM/digital recording equipment.


Authentic International
Hiroshi Maekawa

Release Summary

Authentic International launches TOUGH BEAT on Kickstarter. TOUGH BEAT is the world's first waterproof surface speaker with Bluetooth connections, wireless charging system, and no input/output jacks.


Authentic International
Hiroshi Maekawa