Anonyome Labs Named One of Five “Cool Vendors” for Consumer Mobile Applications and Bots

Gartner report praises Labs’ new online privacy and safety app MySudo as “innovative, engaging and immersive” in its 2018 technology review

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Anonyome Labs, a consumer privacy startup from cybersecurity expert Steve Shillingford, today announced their new mobile app MySudo has been named by Gartner in its top five 2018 “Cool Vendors” report.

Technologies selected for the “Cool Vendors in Consumer Mobile Applications and Bots 2018” report have been identified as the year’s top emerging solutions for consumers featuring the best user experiences.

Steve Shillingford, CEO and Founder of Anonyome Labs, said: “In light of the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy and Pew’s 2016 State of Privacy in America report that 91% of adults agree or strongly agree that consumers have lost control of how personal information is collected and used by companies, our inclusion in this year’s Cool Vendor report reflects our total commitment to provide consumers with easy to use technologies that help safeguard their privacy and personal information.”

MySudo allows users to create unique personal identities, called Sudo, to call, text, and email safely and securely. Each Sudo identity can have a unique name, email, phone number, handle and virtual credit card (coming soon), enabling users to call, text, email, browse and pay, all without having to reveal sensitive personal information. There is no login or password required to use MySudo, so there is zero collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Shillingford added: “Our goal at the Labs is to put users back in the driver’s seat whenever and wherever their personal information is vulnerable to intrusion or exploitation. Today it is crystal clear that we can’t rely on third parties to be good stewards of our data. The one person you can trust, however, is yourself. Customizable digital identities provide a safe solution that empowers each and every one of us.”

With over 1.5 million Sudo identities in use today, consumers are clearly gravitating toward this type of control. Anonyome Labs and its team have more than 100 patents in cryptography, encryption, identity management, network security and behavioral analytics.

Key excerpts from the 2018 Gartner report:

  • “Anonyome Labs' MySudo app ( is cool because it allows users to create custom personal identities and communicate (via phone, text and email) and interact with people and brands. They can do this without having to share any or as few personal details as they want to. This is particularly useful since at the moment the data trail that all users leave in their digital world is being stored, tracked, analyzed and sometimes sold to the highest bidder.”
  • “[Anonyome Labs] are in the right place and the right time in the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica debacle and the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU law coming into force in May 2018. The coming GDPR will effect both highlighting and educating more and more people about the importance of data protection, privacy and control.”


Anonyome (Uh-non-O-me) Labs was created to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information while providing complete protection and safety in the digital world. We believe that people should be able to determine how, what, and with whom they share their personal details. We are building the tools that shift the balance of power from the public and private data brokers, advertisers, and organizations demanding your personal information, back to you, the user. For more information, visit:


Anonyome Labs
Flora Lels, 415-307-5863

Release Summary

Gartner report praises Anonyome Labs’ new online privacy and safety app MySudo as “innovative, engaging and immersive” in its 2018 technology review.


Anonyome Labs
Flora Lels, 415-307-5863