Glance Technologies Co-Founder Penny Green Congratulates Her Board Nominee Spiros Margaris for Being Named the World’s Top Influencer in Fintech, Blockchain and AI

  • Highlights the superior additive skill-sets and accomplishments of her director nominees vs. Glance’s current board
  • Ms. Green’s nominees meet Glance’s future needs in a fast-changing industry vs. the current board who are focused on operating within their limited comfort zone to the detriment of shareholders.
  • Encourages shareholders to vote GREEN for change. For assistance voting contact Kingsdale Advisors at 1-866-581-1513 or

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--()--Penny Green, Co-founder, Director, and largest shareholder of Glance Technologies Inc. (“Glance” or the “Company”) (CSE:GET.CN) (CSE:GET.WT) (OTCQB:GLNNF) (FKT:GJT), controlling 11.17%, congratulates her director nominee Spiros Margaris for, this week, being named the top global influencer in three separate categories: fintech, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The internationally-recognized rankings are determined by Onalytica — the world’s leading Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) SaaS platform recognized by Gartner, Forrester and major corporations — who base their analysis on a thought leader’s resonance (how much engagement they are driving), relevance (number of tweets on topic), reach (number of followers) and reference (how often they are referenced by other influencers).

Over the past several years, Mr. Margaris has gained a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable fintech experts in the world. These three top rankings — the triple crown of fintech — are clear examples of how respected he is by the international fintech community,” said Ms. Green. “I’m thrilled to have Mr. Margaris as part of my slate and to be able to leverage his reputation, his knowledge, and his international contacts to take Glance forward. While it is unfortunate that Glance just saw fit to dismiss him as an advisor and deny shareholders of his expertise just days before this international honour, it does speak volumes about the current board’s lack of judgement in this area and self-preservation.”

In addition to the number one rankings, Mr. Margaris also ranked 10th in Onalytica’s Insurtech influencer ranking, 10th in their Bitcoin ranking and 12th in their Digital Transformation list.


Ms. Green is asking fellow shareholders to support her in reversing the dramatic value destruction that has taken place at Glance over the past several months, by electing Mr. Margaris and the rest of her highly-qualified, and experienced director nominees (the “Nominees”) at the Company’s Annual General Meeting on June 12, 2018. Along with Mr. Margaris, Ms. Green’s Nominees include herself, William Davis, Jonathan Fry, and Monique Imbeault, all of whom bring superior skill-sets to the current board and position Glance well for the future in what is a fast-moving industry.

In addition to putting forward five Nominees to the board, Ms. Green’s information circular outlines a clear five-point plan for growth which includes: A new management team; a strong revenue strategy which includes pursuing a number of licensing opportunities; an aggressive acquisition strategy; and a robust investor and media relations strategies. These initiatives are expected to substantially increase Glance’s revenues, expand the Company’s international reach, and rebuild shareholder value.

The current board just doesn’t have the experience to take Glance to the next level. Specifically, over the past year, our company has evolved from a mobile payments company with one vertical to a company with a tremendous opportunity to become a global leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space,” Ms. Green said. “As the one who recruited the current board members to Glance, I am most qualified to tell you that the opportunity at Glance has grown much bigger than they are able to competently handle. While they will attack the Nominees I have put forward, I am happy to have a discussion about the superior and additive skill-set, experience, and international connections they bring to the table.”

With the industry’s evolving nature, Glance needs a board that possesses the most cutting-edge expertise and experience in big data, blockchain & cryptocurrency and fintech – experience that the existing board just doesn’t have.


Davis III









Artificial Intelligence/Big Data
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Finance & Capital Markets
FinTech/Mobile Payment

In addition to the above, Ms. Green’s slate includes:

  • Established leaders across industries. Ms. Green’s Nominees are composed of men and women who are leaders — and have existing networks — in a variety of fields, including food services, cannabis, healthcare, security, finance, and digital technology.

Nominee Highlights:

Jonathan Fry: Chairman of LifesDNA connecting fintech to the wellbeing, lifestyle and healthcare sectors.

Monique Imbeault: Extensive restaurant industry experience as former Chair and a director of Imvescor, a restaurant franchising company. She was also Chair of the board of directors of cannabis producer Organigram Holdings Inc.

  • Proven fundraising ability. Ms. Green’s slate has a successful track record in finance and a demonstrated ability to raise money in the capital markets.

Nominee Highlights:

Jonathan Fry: Former CEO of Premier Asset Management PLC which had over £1 billion under management.

Penny Green: Helped over 100 companies go public creating over a billion dollars in shareholder value.

Monique Imbeault: Involved in Imvescor’s initial public offering as an income trust and when it became a Toronto Stock Exchange-listed issuer.

  • Digital leadership. While the current board has a stale skill-set, Ms. Green’s director Nominees are at the forefront of the evolving fintech industry.

Nominee Highlights:

William Davis III: Formerly, Chief Information Officer and Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Europe’s largest mobile payment firm Daopay. Mr. Davis is also Managing Director LDJ Capital, a family office based in New York, which has become one of North America’s largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advisors.

Jonathan Fry: CEO of TeamBlockChain, a UK-based influencer network assisting organizations’ transition to the blockchain economy. As an international blockchain and crypto currency expert, Mr. Fry is regularly asked to speak at industry conferences and events.

Spiros Margaris: A leading fintech thought-leader named the world’s top influencer in fintech, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

  • Software and technology development experience. Ms. Green’s slate includes Nominees who have experience in developing software and overseeing development of new technologies.

Nominee Highlights:

William Davis III: Software development and developer management experience on platforms including VB.Net, Pivotal, Informatica, Brio, Cognos, and Marquis Market Tools.

Penny Green: Experience overseeing the development of an online music platform, an e-commerce platform, and several streaming media sites.

Spiros Margaris: A senior advisor to tech-focused companies including Datanetrex AI Limited and Arbidex.

  • Governance expertise. Ms. Green’s slate includes Nominees with extensive governance expertise.

Nominee Highlights:

Monique Imbeault: Received her ICD.D designation in 2013 and continues to be active with the Institute of Corporate Directors. She has also chaired the boards of Imvescor Restaurants Inc. (now owned by MTY) and Organigram Holdings Inc. which are both publicly traded.

Penny Green: Ms. Green has sat on a number of boards of public companies.

  • International Experience. In stark contrast to management’s west coast based slate, Ms. Green’s Nominees are truly international and bring worldwide contacts and opportunities to Glance. Mr. Margaris is based in Switzerland, Mr. Fry in the UK, Mr. Davis in New York, and Ms. Imbeault in New Brunswick. Having "feet on the ground" in arguably some of the most important global financial centers in the world (ie: New York and London) will give the new board an advantage the current board does not have.
  • New ideas and perspectives: With a wide range of experiences, Ms. Green’s director Nominees bring outside views that foster differentiated and innovative thinking.

Full bios of all of Ms. Green’s Nominees are available at


Ms. Green’s Nominees have the right mix of expertise, knowledge, and fresh perspectives to halt the share price erosion and take Glance global.

In stark contrast, Glance’s current board have ignored suggestions to build value, have failed to execute on deals already closed, and lack the experience and ability to capitalize on new international opportunities.

Your vote can turn the page on the current board and their value sapping track record. Shareholders are encouraged to review the proxy materials at and vote the GREEN proxy form or GREEN voting instruction form FOR Ms. Green’s director Nominees.

Don’t wait, voting is fast and easy – please vote well in advance of the proxy voting deadline of Friday, June 8, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time). If you have questions or need help voting, contact Kingsdale Advisors at 1-866-581-1513 or at


Kingsdale Advisors is acting as strategic shareholder and communications advisor and Koffman Kalef LLP is acting as legal advisor to Ms. Green.

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