TripleCare Named a Leading Provider of Virtual Care Applications by Ziegler

Healthcare-focused Investment Bank Issues Spring 2018 White Paper on State of the Telehealth Industry

NEW YORK--()--TripleCare, a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), announced today, the company has been named a leading provider in virtual care applications by Ziegler, a privately held investment bank, capital markets and proprietary investments firm, specializing in the healthcare sector, including senior living.

In part two of the “Deconstructing the Telehealth Industry” white paper series - Improving the Access Points of Healthcare Delivery, Ziegler’s Managing Director Grant Chamberlain highlights the telehealth and virtual care industry, citing its widespread acceptance and positive impact on the quality, cost, and availability of care. The white paper defines virtual care as digital technologies used in the delivery of healthcare. This encompasses telehealth, telemedicine, eHealth and mHealth, which all fall under the virtual care umbrella referred to by Chamberlain.

The white paper calls out three healthcare sub-sectors well-poised for growth, based on the leveraging of virtual care, including behavioral health, post-acute/smart aging and chronic care management. TripleCare was highlighted in the white paper as a leading solutions provider in virtual care applications in the smart aging sector. The company was recognized for its expertise in providing coverage to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) after hours. As a virtual care (telemedicine) solution, TripleCare has helped myriad SNFs increase their patient census and treat-in-place rates, reduce return to hospital (RTH) incidences and differentiate themselves amid an increasingly competitive landscape.

“As cited in the Deconstructing the Telehealth Industry Part II - Improving the Access Points of Healthcare Delivery white paper, after-hours SNF virtual care providers have demonstrated the ability to treat more than 80% of patients on-site. This reduces costs, stress, infection exposure and the poor outcomes often associated with ambulance rides and hospital visits, which typically are the only options for these populations at times of medical crises when physicians are not on-site. These are among the reasons TripleCare’s services have been growing in adoption since our 2011 founding. As one of the first-to-market telemedicine providers, TripleCare has been growing steadily; in 2017, the company’s annualized revenue grew nearly 40 percent, and it launched services in five additional states. This is indicative of the increasing rate of adoption highlighted in the recent Ziegler white paper,” stated Dr. Mary Jo Gorman, TripleCare’s chief executive officer.

“Virtual care is becoming an increasingly visible, high-engagement tool across nearly every aspect of healthcare. Our recent edition of the telehealth white paper series demonstrates how virtual care brings significant opportunity for expanding access to healthcare, improving quality and reducing costs. Its capabilities should not be underestimated as it should be considered a naturally integrated tool that can be used to streamline and navigate today’s complex healthcare ecosystem,” states Chamberlain.

“And, as virtual care continues to rapidly gain traction across a broad set of stakeholders, numerous positive tailwinds are encouraging its ongoing adoption, fast growth and swift integration with mainstream healthcare,” he claims.

The initial “Deconstructing the Telehealth Industry" white paper by Chamberlain was released in October 2016 and request for a copy can be made here. To obtain a copy of part II of the white paper, please visit:

About Ziegler

Ziegler is a privately held investment bank, capital markets and proprietary investments firm. Specializing in the healthcare, senior living and education sectors, as well as general municipal and structured finance, enables Ziegler to generate a positive impact on the clients and communities it serves. Headquartered in Chicago with regional and branch offices throughout the United States, Ziegler provides its clients with capital raising, strategic advisory services, equity and fixed income sales & trading and research. For more information about Ziegler, please visit us at

About TripleCare

New York, N.Y.-based TripleCare is a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The Company brings highly trained physicians to patients’ bedsides, via advanced technology, which enables patients to receive timely interventions when a change of condition occurs. As an experienced telemedicine provider bringing care to patients since 2011, TripleCare is contracted with more than 70 skilled nursing facilities across 11 states. TripleCare’s proven implementation and service approach benefits patients, families, providers and SNFs.

TripleCare was recently identified as a leading telemedicine provider in the post-acute environment by The Advisory Board Company, a health care research and consulting firm located in Washington, D.C.

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