Street Contxt Announces New Distribution and Client Discovery Product

TORONTO--()--Street Contxt, a fintech company that is reinventing client coverage in capital markets, announced today a major product milestone, as well as a new product launch.

The company announced that Street Contxt Edge, the existing high touch coverage enablement solution, has achieved several new records in the last few months. These include having brokerage and independent research users in sixteen countries who are leveraging Edge to enhance their client coverage with over 300,000 individuals across 47,000 firms in 153 countries.

“Street Contxt Edge is now the most broadly used high touch coverage enablement solution globally, and that is something we’re very proud of. We’re used in every major financial center around the world, including London, New York, Boston, Singapore, Hong Kong, and others, but also in every major asset class and group, including equities, fixed income, derivatives, and investment banking” said Blair Livingston, Street Contxt CEO.

Street Contxt has been focused on bringing technological innovation and scale to client coverage across all client facing roles. Specifically focused on sales & trading and research sales, Street Contxt also helps firms stay on top of changing regulations such as MAR and MiFID II.

“If you look at the Street today, there have been massive technological improvements in almost every area except for client coverage. While the tools that traders use have accelerated at a breakneck speed to include intelligent algorithms, routing, and execution, those available to scale client coverage are nearly the same as 15 years ago. Client facing roles across research sales and the broader sales & trading group still rely heavily on email, phone, IM, and in-person meetings. This lack of intelligent and data driven tools to shape the client experience is universal to every asset class” said Livingston.

Street Contxt's products help brokerages and independent research providers rethink their customer segments and coverage strategy to better engage with and profitably cover high value, middle markets, and long tail firms. "We have already seen global success with our leading high touch coverage solution, Edge. Today, we launch Street Contxt Exchange, a distribution and client discovery solution that enhances coverage of the long tail with a zero touch solution. For the first time, brokers can profitably engage with this segment and discover new relationships by leveraging our powerful technology. Exchange brings us one step closer to building out a full-spectrum suite of tools to enhance coverage and distribution across all customer segments."

Street Contxt Exchange is a global marketplace focused on connecting institutional grade content creators with small and mid-sized funds from around the world. Built on top of the Street Contxt platform, Exchange brings the two sides of the Street closer together than ever before.

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About Street Contxt

Street Contxt is reinventing client coverage in capital markets. Street Contxt enables sell side brokerages and independent research firms to efficiently and profitably cover clients from every value segment. This is done by leveraging proprietary, smart data technology and machine learning to match the right client with the right content and resources in order to eliminate overload, improve engagement and client experience, and increase cost-effectiveness. Designed with rigorous cybersecurity measures and a customizable user experience, Street Contxt integrates seamlessly with a firm's existing software and systems. Street Contxt brings transparency, accountability, scale, and profitability to institutional client coverage, allowing firms to scale and stay ahead of changing regulations. For additional information on Street Contxt, please visit


Street Contxt
Silvia Valencia

Release Summary

Street Contxt, a fintech company that is reinventing client coverage in capital markets, announced a new product launch.


Street Contxt
Silvia Valencia