SupplyPro’s SupplySystem for Industrial Distributors and Manufacturers Exceeds Sales Expectations in First Year

Industry’s First Modular, Digitally-enabled Inventory Control System for the Smart Factory Experienced 100 Percent Quarter-Over-Quarter Growth in 2017

SAN DIEGO--()--SupplyPro, a leading industrial materials management solutions provider, today announced that SupplySystem experienced more than 100 percent quarter-over-quarter growth in 2017 and comprised 25 percent of the company’s 2017 sales. SupplySystem is an innovative offering for the Smart Factory, leveraging emerging technologies to expand the digital transformation throughout industrial and manufacturing facilities, and connect the shop floor to the top floor. More than $8 million in sales of SupplySystem have already been booked for 2018.

“The industrial sector is undergoing a massive digital transformation toward enabling the Smart Factory,” said Floyd Miller, CEO, SupplyPro. “In addition to reducing waste, increasing profits, and driving new efficiencies by optimizing inventories, SupplySystem allows distributors to offer their customers a data conduit that enables them to interconnect systems. SupplySystem provides the invaluable real-time data that gives the much needed context and insight into what is actually happening on the shop floor, enabling the top floor to make informed business decisions and truly deliver on the promise of the Smart Factory.”

SupplySystem leverages a variety of emerging technologies, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics, that the Smart Factory depends on. With SupplySystem, customers can effectively secure, control and manage tangible assets, including commodities, and consumables, and automate materials procurement with significantly more accuracy, while improving profitability. Real-time insight is delivered when and where it’s needed; whether it’s a compliance report, an email distribution or mobile device alert. Access to reliable, actionable insights reduce risk, reduce cost, and increase accuracy.

“Data is quickly becoming as valuable of an asset as the products controlled by our systems,” said Stan Sigman, CRO, SupplyPro. “SupplySystem enables distributors to cost effectively allow their customers to reduce waste and optimize inventories, including commodities and consumables, while simultaneously controlling and ensuring the availability of those very products that are critical to their businesses. Our partners can now offer an advanced technology to their customers with confidence, knowing SupplyPro will be there to support them and their customers.”

SupplySystem empowers distributors to help their customers run their businesses with solid data to remain compliant, reduce risk and make informed decisions. These elements, combined with SupplySystem’s unparalleled flexibility, scalability and intelligence, offers distributors a clear market advantage and point of differentiation. Distributors also experience direct benefits from SupplySystem, including:

  • Lower total cost of ownership by preserving the initial investment with a configurable solution that can be reconfigured as customer needs or environments change over time;
  • Easy deployment, operation, and management with seamless integration into workflow;
  • Maximum inventory efficiency and control through automation and real-time business intelligence via the cloud;
  • Increased number of customer contracts won and retained across wide range of industries and business segments.

“SupplySystem has made it possible for me to access the in-depth information and data necessary to anticipate customer needs before they become issues, ensuring my customers always have the tools, materials and safety supplies in stock to fulfill orders and prevent downtime and lost revenue,” said Randall Stauffer, director of sales, Stauffer Glove & Safety. “That ability to anticipate, act and ensure compliance allows me to differentiate myself from the competition. SupplySystem is easy to use and delivers data that helps improve both my and my customers’ bottom line.”

SupplySystem’s comprehensive dashboard applications empower both distributors and end-customers with a holistic view across their enterprise, allowing opportunities for internal process and efficiency improvements. The system’s modular design allows distributors to meet their customers’ control requirements with the most efficient solution available. Advanced configuration software and proprietary algorithms allow SupplySystem to be configured and reconfigured as needed, including the addition of new components, without tools or technicians, which dramatically reduces production time and ensures the preservation of the hardware investment. SupplySystem offers more than two million potential configurations, allowing each SKU to be managed with utmost efficiency.

SupplyPro began taking orders for SupplySystem in March 2017 and shipping units in July 2017.

About SupplyPro

SupplyPro is the leading end-to-end industrial materials management solutions provider, leveraging the most advanced Big Data Analytics techniques to dramatically transform the industrial distribution and manufacturing industries. The SupplyPro platform combines the power and flexibility of the cloud with mobile solutions and the industry’s first modular, IoT-enabled smart inventory control system. More than 1.5 million monthly users, from manufacturing to aerospace and high-tech fabrication, rely on the SupplyPro platform to increase efficiencies, profitability and competitiveness. Headquartered in San Diego, California, SupplyPro has collected and analyzed inventory data from over a trillion transactions for more than two decades, giving the company the ability to deliver business intelligence and insights for inventory management that no one else can. For more information visit:


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For SupplyPro
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