18th Annual US SUMO OPEN – with 7+ World Sumo Champion Titles!

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      The LARGEST sumo tournament on Earth (outside of Japan) turns 18! Witness 8 tons of power, as 60 international sumo champions shake the arena! They have 7 World Sumo Champion titles, and between them, at least 30 medals from the Sumo World Championships!
At this Japanese cultural experience, enjoy authentic Taiko drumming, fresh Japanese food, Sapporo Beer, Hakutsuru Sake, on sale all day.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Main Event: 1 pm – 4 pm

(doors open 10 am for preliminaries)


Walter Pyramid @ Cal State Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90840
(Parking $8)


Among 60 sumo wrestlers, don't miss the headliners:

BYAMBA, Mongolia, 6'1”, 370 lbs, 4-time World Sumo Champion

In 11 years at the US Sumo Open, Byamba has won heavyweight gold (10x) & openweight gold (7x), with a cumulative record of 104 wins and only 5 losses!! He’s always the odds-on favorite.


TAKESHI, Japan, 5’7”, 245 lbs, 5-time Japanese University Champion

Last year, Takeshi stunned the crowd by winning the Openweight gold medal, defeating several larger opponents in the process. A crowd-favorite, Goliath-killer.

BATYR, Russia, 5’10”, 187 lbs, 2-time World Sumo Champion

At a past US Sumo Open, Batyr was an undefeated lightweight champ. Not only is he the current lightweight World Champion, but he’s also the #2 openweight in the World (amazing for his size)!

ROY, USA, 6’6”, 380 lbs, 4-time US Sumo Champion

Roy is the ONLY American ever to win a heavyweight or openweight US Sumo Open gold medal (in 17 years)! He was #3 at the latest Sumo World Championships, too!


TRENT, USA, 5’8”, 187 lbs, 12-time US Sumo Champion

The 2017 US Sumo Open, undefeated lightweight champ, Trent is also currently the #2 lightweight in the World (after Batyr).


RAMY, Egypt, 6’3”, 480 lbs, former US Sumo Open Champion

Winner of many international championships, the heaviest competitor, Ramy has won US Sumo Open medals at all 4 that he’s competed in.

Check out many other National Sumo Champions from Japan, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Tajikistan, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, the UK, Canada, and USA!

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18th annual US SUMO OPEN: Stars with 7+ World Champion titles (60 athletes, 12 nations) - it's the biggest annual sumo event on Earth (outside Japan)!


USA Sumo
Andrew Freund, 310-617-9641