Retail Reimagined - Navigate the Shift to Unified Commerce with JDA’s Latest ‘For Dummies’ Book

Fourth ‘For Dummies’ book by JDA is the industry playbook to navigating the retail revolution toward a more connected, cognitive retail supply chain that greatly enhances the customer experience across all channels

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--It’s no secret that retail is in the midst of tremendous change and evolution. However, these changes are not seeds of an “apocalypse,” but an opportunity for retailers to adapt their business models, invest in the latest innovative technologies and reinvent their supply chains. That’s why JDA Software, Inc., has developed the “Retail Reimagined For Dummies®, JDA Software Special Edition” book, which will debut live at JDA FOCUS 2018 in Orlando next week.

This new book examines the changes in retail that are driving new customer expectations and shifts in the competitive landscape, forcing retailers to become more agile and data-driven. The book outlines new technologies that are pushing retailers to shift from the omni-channel retail model to a new model known as unified commerce, and why navigating this shift will require new approaches to technology in key areas of retailers’ businesses. This is the fourth ‘For Dummies’ book JDA has written, including “Digital Supply Chain For Dummies®,” “Profitable Omni-Channel For Dummies®” and JDA’s first ‘For Dummies’ book, “Supply Chain For Dummies®.” JDA’s ‘For Dummies’ books have had tremendous success, with over 50,000 downloaded or distributed to date.

“This book is a guide for retailers as they navigate their new digital ‘normal,’ shifting their strategies to meet changing customer demand while also evolving their stores to make them a more vital part of the customer journey,” said JoAnn Martin, vice president, retail industry strategy, JDA. “We present what retailers need to know when it comes to the latest in innovative technologies like prescriptive data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with ways to leverage these technologies to improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving marketplace.”

Readers will learn how brick-and-mortar stores will evolve and what IT considerations to keep in mind to build a more connected, efficient retail supply chain. Topics include:

  • Retail in the age of disruption: explores the forces that promise to disrupt retailing in the years ahead, how different generations are approaching retail in different ways and how cultural shifts are further fueling change.
  • How technology is driving retail change: discusses how retail changes are impacting specific aspects of the business, the five P’s of retail and how technology provides new opportunities, as well as how data has become more valuable than gold.
  • Unified commerce and customer experience: explores the retail evolution into the new unified commerce model and reveals the barriers of legacy technology.
  • The changing face of brick-and-mortar retail: discusses the goal – and challenges – of building a unified, seamless shopping experience for customers, and the ways technology is guiding and defining the evolution of retail stores.
  • The connected retail supply chain: explores the technologies that can help retailers’ supply chain live up to customer expectations, new fulfillment technologies to make the supply chain more sophisticated, customer-focused, and profitable.
  • Four keys for evolving retailers: guides retailers’ decision-making process in four key business areas in order to anticipate and overcome challenges, make smarter investments, and give customers a frictionless shopping journey.

Access your copy of the “Retail Reimagined For Dummies®” book here and join JDA at JDA FOCUS 2018 next week in Orlando.

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JDA Software, Inc.
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Senior Director, Corporate Communications