New Tool for Marketers Unwrapped with Launch of iki

"It’s all in the swipe"

How the consumer sees a set of ikis. (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--The developers of iki (pronounced “icky”) have a message for brand owners, advertising agencies and everyone who wants to market, inform, or promote any product, service, or person.

With the introduction of iki comes a true breakthrough and highly efficient method to reach a larger slice of potential customers. iki is a unique swipe-based experience ensuring longer consumer engagement while providing you, the marketer, with insightful survey data about your target market.

“Using proprietary iki technology, marketers easily create a 'stack' of swipe-able ikis,” says CEO Gregory M. Taddeo. “It offers more targeting than Facebook ads and more control than AdWords. Step by step, the intuitive dashboard at makes it easy.”

1. Simply choose an image.

2. Enter your promotional statement or question for that image.

3. The system will generate a link for your stack.

4. Add a promo code at the end of your stack to further enhance its stickiness.

“Post it, embed it, email it, text it,” says Taddeo. “The opportunity for a marketing message to live longer and ignite a more interactive experience is almost guaranteed with the iki system.”

How Do You iki?

From the dashboard, users can view how many people swiped and how they swiped on each iki. “Do you like these jeans? Swipe yes. Would you buy these jeans if they were 30% off? Swipe yes. Would you like to order them now? Swipe yes. Do you want to share this with a friend? Swipe no.” iki works on any platform and no downloads or apps are needed.

It’s easy to make changes to the stack, add or delete ikis, change the text, or modify your promo code or link. “This is the next big thing in digital marketing and the best part is, you don’t need to be a Senior Media Strategist to use it,” Taddeo concludes.

Capitalizing on “the swipe phenomenon.”

According to research site DMR, a popular dating app where users swipe left or right will see 1.4 billion swipes daily. Knowing such a significant market segment is now predisposed to swiping, the functionality of iki is built on this action.

About the iki team, Gregory M. Taddeo, Paul Greenberg and Cercle Co.

In addition to a 25-year career on Wall Street, Taddeo's resume includes restaurateur, author, and co-owner of the company Bikini Thief. Paul Greenberg, President of MSA Marketing, specializes in brand development and positioning. MSA works with a myriad of clients from diverse industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology and beverages. iki was developed by Cercle, a digital agency that develops mobile apps globally for passionate entrepreneurs.

iki will be free to advertisers during its introductory period. For more information, go to


MSA Marketing
Paul Greenberg, 212-532-5151 ext 215

Release Summary

The developers of iki (pronounced “icky”) have a message for brand owners and anyone who wants to promote a product or service.


MSA Marketing
Paul Greenberg, 212-532-5151 ext 215