New Medical Memory App Remembers Your Doctor Visit (So You Don’t Have To)

Medical Memory launches app for patients to record and share their medical conversations.

PHOENIX--()--The Medical Memory today introduced its new, free app, Medical Memory, for patients. The app offers a simple and secure way for patients to record communications during doctor visits, and share their recorded dialogues with doctors, caregivers and loved ones post-appointment.

A physician-facing version of the Medical Memory app has already helped more than 25,000 patients keep track of the detailed conversations that happen at the doctor’s office. The new version allows patients to record their medical visits, whether they want to remember how to correctly secure a knee brace or review the doctor’s instructions about their medications.

“Patients today want more information, more time and more follow-up from their doctors,” said Dr. Randall Porter, founder of Medical Memory, “But, unfortunately, both doctors and patients are strapped for time. It’s clear that the industry needs a communication and technology overhaul, which is what this new patient-focused app aims to solve.”

The National Institutes of Health reports that people forget up to 80 percent of what their doctor says after a visit, and of what they do remember, 50 percent is incorrect. Video helps address both problems, which can mitigate malpractice risks and costs, help train residents, and prevent readmission.

The Medical Memory app features:

  • Security: Videos uploaded to the cloud are only visible on the Medical Memory app, and only by people who have downloaded the app and been invited to see them. The videos are encrypted and can’t be downloaded or shared on social media.
  • Cloud Storage: Because all videos recorded by Medical Memory’s app are saved to the cloud, the app doesn’t take up any extra storage on the patients’ phone.
  • Organization: Videos are organized by recency and creator (doctor or patient).
  • Sharing: Videos can be shared with medical professionals, caregivers and loved ones only within the Medical Memory app.

“A lot of families in America are spread out across the country, so it can be impossible for a daughter who is far away from her elderly father to make it to every doctor visit,” said Dr. Porter. “Medical Memory is a safe, simple and convenient way for all parties involved to stay up to date on accurate health details, without needing to travel for each visit or rely on secondhand information from the patient.”

To learn more about Medical Memory, visit Download the free Medical Memory app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

About Medical Memory

Medical Memory helps patients and doctors record and share medical information securely through its proprietary mobile video app and platform. Medical Memory is the premier video patient engagement choice for hospitals and healthcare professionals who need to increase patient engagement and reduce malpractice exposure. Created in 2015 by neurosurgeon Dr. Randall Porter, Medical Memory is the healthcare industry's first enterprise cloud-based video patient engagement solution. The patient app (Medical Memory) is available for free and physician app (Medical Memory Pro) is available for subscription basis to download on Apple App Store and Google Play.


Sammi Berrafato, (847) 830-5588

Release Summary

Medical Memory launches a video recording app for patients.


Sammi Berrafato, (847) 830-5588