NCTC Member Operators Originate 27.96 Percent ‘Exceptional’ Prospects Across USA, SubscriberWise Proprietary Technology Reveals

In a follow up analysis, America’s largest issuing CRA for telecom reveals additional critical insight about the U.S.A. adult consuming population served by small and mid-sized operators

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--()--SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today follow-up segmentation analysis characteristic among the hundreds of nationwide member operators served by the National Cable Television Cooperative. The data follows earlier scientific analysis of leading NCTC member operators as it relates to consumers who segment into the bottom rungs of the U.S. adult credit consuming population.

Specifically, the follow up analysis involved SubscriberWise proprietary segmentation data from prospective subscribers in the majority of U.S. states with a focus on SubscriberWise’s ‘Very Well Qualified’ consumers who originate in the top 60th percentile as indicated by the Fair Isaac Corporation’s nationwide distribution of FICO scores (

“It’s more profound insight,” said David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and president. “It’s need-to-know information that’s remarkably consistent anywhere its measured. Across the United States of America, nearly 30 percent of prospective applicants who apply for video, voice, and data services from National Cable Television Member operators, these consumers have exceptional credit and represent virtually zero risk of non-payment and capital losses associated with unreturned equipment and unpaid programming.

“And for operators who understand the undeniable value of math and science from the standpoint of customer acquisition, customer loyalty, target marketing, and a host of cost-savings operational efficiencies -- that not only boost ARPU and RGU’s significantly but sustain profitability for often decades with high-achieving subs -- these operators are leaps and bounds ahead of MSOs that blindly approve service offerings with customer service agents who routinely engage as order-takers rather than seasoned sales representatives.”

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“In fact, I make it a point whenever I’m traveling around the USA and meeting with the women and men who own and operate the nation’s cable and telephone companies – as well as their key managers supervising the call centers – that one of the many incidental benefits that flow from SubscriberWise technology is the notable ability to separate sales agents from order-takers.

“It’s simple,” continued Howe. “Agents who can close the deal with modest security deposits while providing high-risk subscribers options -- at the same time treating every customer with dignity and respect -- these employees are indeed the prized assets for the MSO. These pros, in fact, are real sales agents because they are trained on the art of protecting an operator’s investments while creating value for the communities served, all the while acting in the best interests of the customer. On the other end of the spectrum, the same can be said about agents who can leverage a targeted offer to boost sales while creating instant loyalty and incredibly positive first impressions: .

“Yes, with access to subscriber performance data spanning more than five decades, including detailed payment history spanning more than 22 years and correlated to Fair Isaac’s most predictive modeling, FICO Score 9, SubscriberWise can predict with crystal-ball-like precision – delivering monthly cash-flow and guaranteed ROI results averaging 5000 percent – the payment and performance behavior of every prospective subscriber everywhere in this nation. And, the best part,” Howe concluded, “it all happens in real-time, only involves a ‘soft’ credit inquiry that does not impact a consumer credit score and is never seen by other creditors, and always without a shred of human-bias or subjective factors.”

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SubscriberWise shares critical knowledge about NCTC member operators and their high-achieving applicants across the nation.


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