IDEMIA Facial Recognition Technology Leads in 1:1 Verification

IDEMIA facial recognition technology earned a top ranking for 1:1 verification, according to the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) results from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)1.

BILLERICA, Mass.--()--IDEMIA announced today its facial recognition algorithm has ranked first, above 32 competitors, as most accurate 1:1 matching algorithm in the WEBCAM and SELFIE categories according to the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test.

According to the NIST website, Face Recognition Vendor Tests (FRVT) provide independent government evaluations of commercially available and prototype face recognition technologies. These evaluations are designed to provide U.S. Government and law enforcement agencies with information to assist them in determining where and how facial recognition technology can best be deployed. In addition, FRVT results help identify future research directions for the face recognition community.

The goal of this FRVT benchmark is to measure the performances of facial recognition technology over a wide-range of datasets. The report evaluates face recognition performances in a one-to-one scenario, i.e. deciding if two images belong to the same person or not, using only these two images.

The test results released by NIST in January, demonstrate that in the U.S., IDEMIA possesses two high performing solutions for face recognition in these categories:

  • “WEBCAM”: dataset with inherent camera fields of view and perspective distortion
  • “SELFIE”: dataset with inherent camera angles and perspective distortion

The NIST benchmark evaluates IDEMIA’s core technology that is embedded in the latest products addressing the facial markets, including MorphoFACE and ONELook gates for border control. ONELook is an entrant in the 2018 Biometric Technology Rally2, a program measuring unmanned systems in a high-throughput security environment. This technology is also used in IDEMIA’s facial recognition solutions to assess a user’s identity on a smartphone.

“These results further confirm IDEMIA’s technology leadership in the highly competitive facial recognition marketplace,” said Ed Casey, Chief Executive Officer of IDEMIA’s Identity & Security Business. “It is crucial to demonstrate accuracy and continued advances in our offerings to trusted third parties such as NIST. We are proud to see IDEMIA algorithms are continually ranked among best-in-class solutions world-wide”.


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Olmstead Williams Communications
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