Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Transforms its Operations with JDA

Leading 3PL leverages JDA Warehouse Management to improve food safety measures and drive warehouse efficiencies

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--Food safety is vital to food and beverage companies, and having the ability to track and trace down to each lot is critical to consumer confidence and satisfaction. That’s why Atlanta Bonded Warehouse (ABW) partnered with JDA Software, Inc. to deploy JDA® Warehouse Management across its facilities within the southeastern United States.

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse is a leading third-party logistics provider, specializing in temperature-controlled and dry distribution services. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ABW operates over 3.83 million square feet of temperature controlled facilities, providing public and contract warehousing, transportation and co-packing solutions from 12 locations in the Southeast. With a public warehouse capacity that has more than doubled in the last five years, ABW focuses on a “high touch” service to both the retail and foodservice trades, with accounts from 100 pallets to tens of thousands of pallets.

ABW sought to standardize their warehouse operations and the services they provide, in order to be an all-in-one provider to their supply chain customers. Prior to JDA, ABW was using a paper-based legacy system, making this very challenging, and recognized the need to implement a highly configurable warehouse management system (WMS) that would offer more functionality and ultimately transform their business. They also wanted to move their customers’ products through their supply chains in a much more efficient manner, yet retain the ability to track and trace food lot codes to support food safety requirements.

“JDA has become critically important to our business. As a third-party warehouse provider, a high-performance, highly configurable WMS is vital to meeting the growing demands of our customers. Our JDA platform, with its extensive configuration capabilities, allows us to be an individual, unique provider to any one particular customer, while at the same time, using industry standard support to cover the basics that every customer needs in their supply chain,” said Troy Snelson, general manager of Public Warehouse Operations, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse.

JDA Warehouse Management gives ABW a distinct competitive advantage over other third-party logistics providers in their region with speed of delivery and the ability to track and trace lot codes down to the original cases, providing their customers with high confidence in the services ABW provides.

“Our environment is very dynamic. We onboard a new customer about once every three weeks. Our growth rate has been extremely rapid, so the ability to have support from JDA to address needs as we onboard new customers and explore new functionality is very important for us.”

Since implementing JDA Warehouse Management, ABW has recognized increased warehouse efficiencies. They have improved warehouse efficiency, using directed work to direct the lift-truck operators, and can now interleave inbound and outbound tasks to reduce trips with empty forks instantly improved efficiency. They are now also able to capture data to measure individual performance.

“It is important as ever for logistics providers to be a strategic partner to customers, giving them the value-added warehouse operations solutions they need to push past their commoditized competitors in the market. We are pleased to see ABW’s extensive success using JDA Warehouse Management to take the customer experience to the next level,” said Cary VandenAvond, president, North American manufacturing, logistics and 3PL, JDA. “With food safety being of utmost importance, with contamination, defects and recalls at risk, having the ability to trace product down to each lot is vital to ABW’s business to stay ahead of risk and respond quickly to contain risk should it occur.”

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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
Senior Director, Corporate Communications