All-Women Team, S'WEARIT, Unveils its Radiation-Shielding Sports Bra

Helping women protect themselves and their phones

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Providing women with a safe, secure place to keep their phones while being active (Video: Business Wire)

CALGARY, Alberta--()--The traditional sports bra design has remained virtually untouched since its inception, with only minor variations in the fabric, straps or cups. S’WEARIT, a start-up company based in Calgary, plans to change that and is launching a Kickstarter campaign to share its creation with the world.

The S’WEARIT sports bra has a silver-lined pocket specifically designed for a cell phone. The patented silver material used is certified to block RF radiation (emitted from cell phones) from getting absorbed into the body.

Founder Elissa Grohne says, “We’re changing the sports bra game with an innovative cell phone pocket that protects women from potentially harmful radiation, and protects their phones from sweat damage, theft or breakage.”

The concept began as a solution to a very common problem among women-- there's just no safe and comfortable place to keep your phone with you while being active. Some women resort to stashing their phones in the bras or waist band for a hands-free work out, but having your phone that close to breast tissue is potentially damaging.

Elissa and her team spent two years developing this product and finding the right manufacturers to make the best quality sports bra for ultimate comfort and functionality. Elissa was able to conduct her market research while in an entrepreneurship class at Mount Royal University. She received recognition for her work in the form of a bursary; this gave her the validation she needed to pursue the venture.

The S’WEARIT Kickstarter campaign ends on April 3rd. The team plans to raise a target of $50,000 within 30 days in to have the product manufactured and delivered to backers in May 2018. This is an all-or-nothing campaign, so in order to fulfill orders, S’WEARIT needs to reach the monetary goal. Keep in mind, backers are only charged when the campaign is completed and successful.

“I realize that this is an ambitious goal, but I have no doubt that we will reach it. Women want a comfortable, quality sports bra, and the fact that they can go hands-free while running or walking their dogs, and have their phones with them safe and secure, is a huge benefit,” says Elissa.

If you want to get involved and help fund this project, please visit the S’WEARIT campaign page HERE


Elissa Grohne, 403-829-5751

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All-female start-up, S'WEARIT, launches a Kickstarter campaign for its creation of a radiation-shielding sports bra with a cell phone pocket.

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Elissa Grohne, 403-829-5751