Dvele Purchases 40 Year Running Prefab Factory, Hallmark-Southwest

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Dvele announced today the acquisition of prefab home factory, Hallmark-Southwest.

Dvele makes this acquisition on the heels of expanding its growth team. This factory will serve as Dvele’s west coast building facility and one of its innovation centers. It is where Dvele will build many of their ultra energy-efficient, healthy, modern, homes.

“We are infinitely impressed with Hallmark’s commitment to quality, longstanding history, and loyalty to their employees, which we will continue. We are excited to build on what they worked hard to create while taking the operation into the future with enhanced design, science, and technological focus,” says Kurt Goodjohn, Chief Executive Officer of Dvele.

Sales Director of Hallmark, Lance Duke says, “We’re excited to partner with Dvele to provide a custom home buying experience that offers elegant design, a broader scope of services, and targeted marketing to support our partner and distribution networks. Energy-efficiency and sustainability will remain a cornerstone of our business.”

Hallmark’s President, Luca Brammer, will join the Dvele executive team as Chief Operating Officer. He will oversee Dvele’s expanding factory network and roll out modernization techniques to increase efficiency. He says of the acquisition: “Joining forces with Dvele is a dream. We’re excited about the product. We’re excited about the technology and building science. Our experience allows us to deliver on our promises without compromising on quality....It’s about legacy and we’ll build a great one together with Dvele.”

About Dvele

Founded by experienced high-end modular home experts who felt there was a better way, Dvele was created to reimagine homes from the ground up. Built on award-winning design, and state-of-the-art production technology, Dvele has developed the first end-to-end platform delivering the healthiest, greenest, smartest, luxury homes available.

This streamlined platform enables Dvele to deliver on and exceed more home performance benchmarks, provide a higher level of design, and consolidate more of the process in order to minimize the effort on part of the homeowner and merge a fragmented home building industry, resulting in houses that are produced in less time at a higher value due to the precision and control of the Dvele Operated Ecosystem.

About Hallmark Southwest

Hallmark-Southwest has been in operation for over 40 years and built over 11,000 energy efficient, sustainable homes in their California factory. The facility is 75,000 square feet situated on 9 acres of land.


Michelle Schroeder