Better Living Has Never Been So Sweet as The Sola Company Unveils Game Changing Line of Foods Everyone Eats – Exclusively at Harris Teeter and Hy-Vee Retail Stores

Sola’s, chef crafted premium, products are taking Americans in a healthier direction and make cutting sugar and carbs deliciously simple.

HOUSTON--()--Today, The Sola® Company announced the launch of its line of delicious, better-for-you products expressly created to offer health-seeking consumers an alternative to the sugar and carbohydrate-loaded foods that are all but impossible to avoid on grocery shelves today.

Sola’s difference begins with Sola® sweetener, which tastes exactly like table sugar but has 75% less calories and 0 grams net carbs. As Sola’s proprietary blend of sweetening ingredients can all be found in nature, it also has none of the unpleasant aftertaste found in many artificial sweeteners.

Our mission is to offer healthier alternatives for every taste, without losing any of the deliciousness and flavor you’re accustomed to. Sola® is the delicious choice for healthier lifestyles.

“Finally, there’s a brand of products that help meet the demands of health-conscious families who want delicious, better-for-you options that require no sacrifice when it comes to taste,” says Michael Servie, President, of the Houston-based Sola Company and long-time food industry executive.

Sola® was developed by Chef Ryan Turner, Sola co-Founder and R&D Chief, who has had a career-long passion of creating better-for-you foods that taste amazing and improve people’s lives. Sola® products line ranges from everyday breakfast items like creamy Greek Yogurt and crunchy Granola, to chewy Nut Bars and hearty Breads to rich, indulgent Ice Cream, all available in a wide variety of popular flavors. Since all Sola products have no added sugar and are low in net carbs, they excite your taste buds, not your waistline or blood sugar.

“Taste tests confirm Sola sweetener is indistinguishable from sugar,” says Chef Turner. “People just can’t tell the difference. I’m proud to say that holds true for every one of our products – they’re every bit as delicious as the full sugar, high carb versions, but much better for you.”

“We all want to eat healthier and maintain our ideal weight, but still continue eating the foods we love,” continues Chef Turner, whose area of culinary expertise is low carbohydrate diets.

Not only is Sola sweetener every bit as delicious as ordinary sugar, and by extension all of the products made with it, clinical studies show it also helps control insulin levels by suppressing the amount of fructose and glucose in the bloodstream. Sola® brand products are initially being offered exclusively at Harris Teeter and Hy-Vee retail stores.

About Sola:

The Sola Company, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Motivated by a personal journey to lose weight, improve wellness, yet continue to eat the delicious meals he loves, Dr. Bosarge, a leader in regenerative medical research, co-founded The Sola® Company with Chef Ryan Turner, a culinary expert in low-carbohydrate diets, in 2012.


The Sola Company
Audrey Young, 202-256-4521

Release Summary

The Sola® Company launched its game changing line of delicious, better-for-you products exclusively in Harris Teeter and Hy-Vee stores today


The Sola Company
Audrey Young, 202-256-4521