Keiretsu Forum Ranked #1 Angel Group by PitchBook and Unveils Brianna McDonald as New Regional President

Group Launches “Equity to Opportunity” Entrepreneurial Program with Ventures

SEATTLE--()--Keiretsu Forum announced today that the organization is now listed as the number #1 “most active global investor by VC deal count” in the PitchBook 2017 Global League Tables. Keiretsu Forum’s Northwest Region also announced Brianna McDonald as its new Regional President.

“As a member of Keiretsu Forum since its inception in the Northwest, I have experienced the profound positive impact that the chapter has brought to entrepreneurial growth in our community. The new study findings reflect that our approach is resonating with entrepreneurs and investors, alike,” said Brianna McDonald, newly announced President of the Keiretsu Forum’s Northwest Region. “I am thrilled to step into my new role to further help entrepreneurs receive the support and access they need to be successful, and therefore, bring powerful investment opportunities to our member investors.”

The six-chapter Northwest network is part of the world’s largest and most active investment community of early stage “angel” investors, Keiretsu Forum. The group’s mindshare approach to community-based investing is gaining recognition and commitment from investors who want to feel more empowered, hands on and have collective investor experience and due diligence applied to their investments.

McDonald brings an impressive leadership record in both the private and public sectors. She has been an active leader and angel investor with Keiretsu Forum since its formation in 2005 and has played a pivotal role supporting its growth into the largest and most active group globally. According to CEOs and members, she has proven specifically adept at screening companies for angel investment, coaching companies on value proposition, presentation and investor relations, sales strategy execution, relationship management, and leading due diligence teams.

“As an active member of Keiretsu Forum, I have witnessed countless success stories, due to the stellar execution of Keiretsu’s exclusive process of filtering, evaluating and presenting emerging businesses,” said Jim Reed, investor and Keiretsu Forum member since 2012. “Brianna has been a constant contributor during the last many years, and I am happy to have her strategy, drive and relationship acumen at the helm. I expect to see an acceleration of high-quality deal flow and other innovations surface from this organization.”

McDonald believes that business leaders should be community leaders. She sits on a variety of public and nonprofit boards, is a dedicated charity fundraiser, and a mentor to business and entrepreneurial educational programs, including the University of Washington and Seattle University. She and her husband live in Seattle, Washington with their three young children.

McDonald will speak about women investors on a panel at the prestigious TiE Global Summit on February 22, in Mumbai, India. Past TiE speakers include Elon Musk, Jack Welch and Peter Thiel.

As part of today’s news, Keiretsu Northwest announced its “Equity to Opportunity” program in conjunction with Ventures. Two startup CEOs from the Ventures program will receive a six-month membership with the Keiretsu Forum organization, including access to 50+ events, pitch coaching, and mentors.

“We are honored to align with Brianna and the Keiretsu Forum organization. They are truly committed to the entrepreneurial spirit and to supporting business owners who have not traditionally had access to these opportunities,” said Beto Yarce, Executive Director of Ventures. “When Brianna approached us with her vision for this program, it was obvious that lifting up entrepreneurs is a deep passion and mission for her and the Keiretsu team. The ‘Equity to Opportunity’ program will help highlight Northwest entrepreneurs with limited resources and unlimited potential, provide them access to new markets and role models, and ultimately facilitate positive outcomes for their businesses and their lives.”

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Keiretsu Forum’s Northwest Region is part of the broader Keiretsu Forum angel investment network, the largest and most active venture investor community globally. Keiretsu Forum is comprised of 50+ chapters and invests $75 million annually in 180+ companies. Keiretsu Forum’s Northwest Region has funded 422 companies since its launch in 2005.

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Keiretsu Forum
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Keiretsu Forum Ranked #1 Angel Group By PitchBook and Unveils Brianna McDonald as New Regional President; Launches "Equity to Opportunity" Program


Keiretsu Forum
Xoe Heeney, 602-373-9559