Altierre’s Auto eTags as-a-Service Empowers Car Buying Disruption

Altierre expands reach into automotive dealership sector with launch of new program empowering owner-operators to deploy wireless digital tags with minimum upfront investment.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Altierre, a leader in wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology, today announced the global launch of “One Price Auto Tags as-a-Service,” a model for automotive dealership owners to quickly harness the power of digital tags.

The innovative program allows dealership owners to rapidly deploy wireless IoT digital tags on cars in showrooms and in lots, eliminating the use of labor-intensive and outdated paper tags.

Equally critical, the wireless tags, or displays, provide customers and associates with 100% accuracy in pricing and informational details. The tags can be updated instantly and as often as needed to ensure total consistency on the vehicle and across the business.

“As a forward thinking dealer group, we continue to refine our customer facing processes to engage today’s omni-channel car buyers and to build trust. Our customers need transparency when it comes to pricing,” said Bret Macy, General Manager, Audi Coral Springs and Audi Ft. Lauderdale.

“Customers expect to find the same price for a particular vehicle on our digital channels and when they see that same car in our showroom or lot. We have enhanced our new AudiX car purchasing experience with Altierre’s ‘One Price Auto Tags as-a-Service.’ We now have digital displays on each vehicle that are updated several times per day with the latest and most accurate pricing information,” Macy said.

Altierre’s Tags program brings the power of physical and digital convergence to the auto dealership market and provides owners with the tools to achieve nearly the same degree of competitive edge that retailers such as Kohl’s and many others, have realized.

The move by Altierre to roll out the cloud-based One Price Auto Tags as-a-Service model comes as the industry is undergoing rapid changes with several brands moving to a “One Price” sales model.

“One Price Auto Tags as-a-Service is a game changer for auto dealers, replacing an antiquated pricing system with a dynamic and highly efficient solution that allows them to highlight information for shoppers at the vehicle that goes well beyond what the static MSRP sticker, or Monroney label, allows,” said Andrew Litynskyj, VP, Sales, Altierre.

Leveraging dynamic tags with accurate, updated information on the car is especially important for auto dealers adopting “one price” strategies and offering unique financing or lease options.

“We are the only company that provides dealerships with the ability to digitally change vehicle-specific information at the point-of-decision, on the vehicle,” Litynskyj said.

More than 120 individual dealerships have already deployed Altierre’s wireless tag system, gaining a crucial competitive edge in customer service and satisfaction while reducing labor costs. The number of dealerships taking advantage is growing rapidly, Litynskyj noted.

Today’s omni-channel car buying shoppers, whether searching for new or pre-owned vehicles, have a vast array of information available to them though digital channels. When they walk the dealership and physically look at, touch and drive a vehicle, they expect the information displayed on every car, especially prices and financing options, to be consistent with what they have researched online.

“Forward looking auto dealers are digitally transforming their operational model to shorten the car buying process and enhance the experience. That is especially true for the growing segment of millennial shoppers, who have low tolerance for any price haggling and high expectations for total transparency and trust,” Litynskyj said.

“Altierre is empowering the digital transformation for dealers and the ability to excel at meeting rapidly changing shopper expectations,” he added.

Altierre Corp. is a leading “future-proof “wireless IoT provider. Incorporated in 2003, Altierre is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, visit:


The Blueshirt Group (for Altierre)
Jeff Fox, 415-828-8298


The Blueshirt Group (for Altierre)
Jeff Fox, 415-828-8298