ReceptivaDxTest Now Being Used by over 150 IVF Centers Nationwide; CiceroDx, Inc. Adds Second US Laboratory Site to Meet Demand

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.--()--CiceroDx, Inc., a women’s healthcare diagnostic company, is pleased to announce the continued acceptance and use of their signature test, ReceptivaDx™, designed for women with unexplained infertility. Over 150 IVF centers in the US now offer the test to their patients, many as a set protocol for patients with unexplained infertility, failed IVF or recurrent pregnancy loss. In response to the growth, the company has added PhenoPath Laboratories in Seattle, Washington as an additional testing site to keep up with demand.

Through a key protein marker, BCL6, the ReceptivaDx™ test helps IVF centers identify and detect endometriosis, one of the key underlying causes of unexplained infertility. Centers using the ReceptivaDx™ test are reporting an increase in success rates in women with a history of failed IVF and/or recurrent pregnancy loss. When patients test positive, physicians can then consider surgery or hormone therapy, giving patients a new pathway towards pregnancy and their goal of starting a family. In a nine-year study published in the December 2017 issue of Fertility and Sterility, over 75% of patients with unexplained infertility tested positive for the BCL6 marker. The positive rate is believed to be even higher in women with multiple failed transfer attempts.

To meet growing demand, CiceroDx has recently contracted with PhenoPath Laboratories in Seattle, Washington. PhenoPath is considered one of the premier immunohistochemistry (IHC) labs in the country. Medical Director Allen M. Gown, MD, a pioneer in IHC development said, “We are excited to work with CiceroDx. Our 35 years of experience in IHC combined with Cicero’s experience will not only provide confidence to the IVF centers, but will add value to CiceroDx ‘s continued R&D efforts in women’s health.” CiceroDx announced PhenoPath will also handle international test volume for ReceptivaDx™ customers located in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. CiceroDx maintains a 2nd testing US testing center in Greenville, SC.

With more than six million women in the US affected by infertility issues, IVF centers across the country seek to help these women conceive and give birth. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that 15-30% of the women undergoing infertility evaluation have no cause identified and are less likely to have a successful IVF experience. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, endometriosis is associated with 30-50% of all cases of unexplained infertility or over 500,000 cases a year. With the introduction of the ReceptivaDx™ assay, endometriosis can be identified quickly and cost effectively using an endometrial biopsy sample, a procedure routinely performed by IVF centers and Ob-Gyn offices. Early detection of endometriosis can help guide treatment for IVF centers to ensure a higher success rate and reduce the number of cycles required for success.

“The feedback from patients and IVF centers has been tremendous. There is no better compliment than couples letting us know that our test led to a pregnancy and successful birth. Before ReceptivaDx™, many of these families had almost given up hope of achieving that goal,” said Chris Jackson, CEO and founder of CiceroDx.

CiceroDx is a medical diagnostic company located in Huntington Beach, California. ReceptivaDx™ is the company’s first test panel in the area of unexplained infertility and is the exclusive licensed provider of BCL6 for the detection of endometriosis. Working with IVF centers across the U.S. and in 15 other countries, CiceroDx intends to expand their offering globally and is investing in continuing research in the field.

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Dan Angress