COINSNOBS's New Disruptive Cryptocurrency App Will Reward the Entire Planet as People Move

MIAMI--()--COINSNOBS, a Patent Pending, entertainment industry-backed cryptocurrency Application “buys” advertising access on its Members’ cellphones by “paying” its Members one digital token (Snob) per mile moved or travelled.

Members willingly allow their movement to be tracked so that their distance travelled may be converted into Snobs and deposited into their COINSNOBS digital wallets.

Global launch is set for March 18th, 2018.

At Pre-launch, early Membership Subscriptions will receive two (2) Snobs per mile moved (2:1 ratio). After launch (3/18/18), subscriptions will revert to the standard of one (1) Snob per mile moved (1:1 ratio).

To subscribe, go to, click “About Snobs”, enter email address at the bottom of the page and click “Subscribe Now”. When we launch, we will email you instructions to apply for Membership. When approved, you will start to enjoy the 2:1 Snobs rewards for three (3) months from start date; after the expiration of 3 months, the reward system will revert to a standard 1:1 rate.

In Phase 2, the free exchange of miles for Snob ends. Snobs will begin to be traded on digital currency exchanges and subsequently gain real-world monetary value.

Members can begin to trade their earned Snobs at will.

“COINSNOBS will be a significant App that rewards people’s movement and also one which will allow Ads to be legitimately pushed onto cellphones for the first time,” say Ken Shigeru, the company’s Founder & CEO.

With Ads served directly onto cellphones, mobile marketers can for the first time take advantage of real-time interactivity with consumers and be able to capture sales with absolute immediacy and at low marginal cost.

“Brands and Marketers are eagerly anticipating the expansion of advertising onto our Members’ cellphones,” said Ariel Silahian, Technical Co-founder of COINSNOBS.

“The platform’s rich experience and extensive global reach makes it a perfect environment to influence and inspire, and to offer consumers relevant opportunities to purchase products with pre-negotiated savings that only Members enjoy,” Ariel continues.

“We look forward to offering our Members even greater functionalities as we build cross-channel partnerships,” says Ken.

COINSNOBS's cryptocurrency Application empowers marketers to use location data to improve the effectiveness of their mobile content that will serve up the right Ad at the right time to capture the fleeting attention of their consumers.


Ken Shigeru, 305-965-0302

Release Summary

COINSNOBS a Patent pending, entertainment-backed cryptocurrency App "buys" advertising access on its Members' cellphones by "paying" in dig-currency.


Ken Shigeru, 305-965-0302