Early Redemption(s)


The Noteholders of ISIN: XS0354578287

29 January 2018

Notification of Redemption

Issuer: HBOS plc

Title: £750,000,000 Callable Undated Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes (the “Notes”)

Issue Date: 19 March 2008

Maturity Date: N/A

ISIN: XS0354578287

We hereby give notice to you that all of the above Notes will be redeemed by HBOS plc on 19 March 2018 at their principal amount together with interest accrued and any Arrears of Interest (if any) pursuant to Condition 6.06 and notice is being given pursuant to the provisions relating to the Notes while in global form.

For and on behalf of

HBOS plc

Short Name: HBOS Plc
Category Code: MSCM
Sequence Number: 640636
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20180202T151620+0000