How Extensively Will Carbon Fiber Change the Future?
The Latest Manufacturing and Converting Technologies from Hokuriku, Shikoku, and Other Regional Exhibitors from Japan
- neo functional material 2018 -

TOKYO--()--The Converting Technical Institute and JTB Communication Design will hold neo functional material over the three days from Wednesday, February 14 to Friday, February 16, at Tokyo Big Sight.

During new functional material 2018, regional carbon fiber composites producers and converters from the Hokuriku region of Japan to Shikoku will be on hand to exhibit their technology. Despite having attracted interest as a replacement for metal, carbon fiber composites continue to have issues with high cost, low productivity, and difficult handling. In this light, Japanese companies that have led the world with their technological prowess in complex forming and finishing technologies have attracted interest of late for their activities in advancing material development and production technologies in this area.

Along with exhibitions related to composites by the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture and the Shikoku Industry & Technology Promotion Center (Asuka, AWA PAPER & TECHNOLOGICAL COMPANY, SHIHEN TECHNICAL Corporation, etc.), TEIJIN will hold a seminar regarding the application of composites to mass-production vehicles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the power of carbon fiber to change the future.

------------------------- [ CFRP Seminar ] --------------------------
February 14 (Wed.) 10:30-12:40 / Material Stage (East Hall 3) Click here for details

10:30-11:10 ”Composite technologies for Automotive applications”
Shin Ishiwata, Manager, Composite Business Unit, Automotive Business Development Department, TEIJIN LIMITED.
(Booth No. 3F-24 Product: Carbon fiber reinforcement wood "AFRW," other materials)

”Development of the Spreading Technology for the Carbon Fiber and Evolution to the New Composite Materials”
Kazumasa Kawabe, Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture
(Booth No. 3A-24 Product: Thin prepreg sheet, Thin random prepreg sheet)

12:10-12:40 ”Efforts for industrial application of Super Growth Carbon Nanotube”
Mitsugu Uejima, Manager, Research & Development Center CNT Laboratory, Zeon Corporation

------------------------- [ Exhibitor Pickup ] --------------------------

Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture
[Booth No. 3A-24] <NEW>Thin random prepreg sheet
Thin random prepreg sheet is made by scattering rectangular shaped chopped tape and applying heat and pressure. The chopped tape is made by cutting the ultra thin thermoplastic prepreg sheet.

AWA PAPER & TECHNOLOGICAL COMPANY [3K-24 Shikoku Industry & Technology Promotion Center]
CARMIX CFRTP is the carbon fiber reinforced plastics produced through heat-press molding of Mat composed by carbon fiber (Length: about 5-6mm) and thermoplastic resin fiber (PP, Polycarbonate, Nylon etc.). Characteristics of CFRTP are as follows:
Excellent in moldability of complex shape
Weight: 1/2 of aluminium, 1/6 of iron
Flexural strength: 2 time as strong as aluminium

Heraeus [3A-12] IR modules for heating and drying process
Our IR heaters have superior abilities, performance and possibilities. They open the possibility of a new process to the adaptive material. We will mainly introduce next generation non-contact IR welding and CFRP rapid heating.

Asuka [3K-24 Shikoku Industry & Technology Promotion Center] CFRP parts

SHIHEN TECHNICAL Corporation [3K-24 Shikoku Industry & Technology Promotion Center] CFRP

YAMATO JUSHI [3Q-09] Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic

QRH "Quick Response Heater" and Samples made by Carbon Fiber Forming

(random order)

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Exhibition Outline ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Neo functional materials 2018

(Concurrent Events: Printable Electronics / 3Decotech Expo)

February 14 (Wed.)–16 (Fri.) 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight

[Organizer] Converting Technical Institute

[Co-organizer] JTB Communication Design


Converting Technology Exhibition Secretariat 
(c/o JTB Communication Design)
Ayumi Suzuki / Maiko Uchiyama, +81-3-5657-0761


Converting Technology Exhibition Secretariat 
(c/o JTB Communication Design)
Ayumi Suzuki / Maiko Uchiyama, +81-3-5657-0761