AvYachts Brings Sharing Economy to Mega-Yachting World, Removes All Barriers to Entry in Yachting

  • Delivers “Instant Yachtification” through flexible shared ownership programs
  • New 10 percent ownership option answers owners’ requests for three weeks annually aboard a yacht, to accommodate busy lifestyles
  • Yachting lifestyle becomes a reality for those seeking effortless fun and memorable experiences, minus stress, hassle
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Instant Yachtification is Here

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--()--AvYachts, the foremost provider of shared yacht ownership, today removed barriers to mega-yacht ownership with its “Instant Yachtification” program, enabling people to immediately enter a new, luxurious world that otherwise would take many years and dollars to achieve. AvYachts now offers a commitment of as little as a 10 percent ownership share in a yacht, providing three weeks annually aboard.

Seeing an untapped market opportunity for yachting in the sharing economy, estimated to grow from $14 billion in 2014 to $335 billion by 20251, AvYachts brings to yachting the shared ownership model pioneered by private jet travel companies. Its Instant Yachtification concept is the first-ever opportunity to enjoy life-changing experiences by removing all of the barriers to entry in mega-yachting. As a shared yacht owner, the stress and hassle are eliminated from the experience, allowing them to enjoy the best aspects of yachting. Their every need is met aboard their yacht, tailored to each owner’s individual preferences, with dedicated crews and highly customized voyages.

“Entering the world of mega-yacht ownership can be intimidating, given the unknowns of operating, maintaining and storing a large vessel that requires constant attention,” said Kathy Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer of AvYachts. “Instant Yachtification makes the entryway much more accessible and enjoyable through a shared ownership model that provides instant admittance to this exclusive world. Now, the luxurious experience of yachting is available to those seeking this lifestyle choice.”

In response to requests from owners who were at a stage in life at which they have no more than three weeks per year to commit to the yachting lifestyle, AvYachts has added a 10 percent ownership option, which provides three weeks annually aboard a yacht. “By adding this alternative, we have listened to our owners and become as flexible as they need us to be to accommodate their lives,” said Kennedy.

Owners now can purchase either a 10 percent or a 20 percent share in a yacht, with each share corresponding to three or six weeks annually aboard their fully-crewed Westport yacht, ranging in sizes from 34M (112’), 40M (130’) or 50M (164’) for a five-year period of ownership. At the end of the ownership period, AvYachts resells the vessel and the owners will receive their share of the proceeds.

The 10 percent ownership term offers greater flexibility to those who prefer shorter ownership periods, and provides AvYachts access to a larger portion of the high-net-worth market. A 10 percent share in a 34M Westport yacht starts at $995,000, a fraction of the total cost of the vessel, which can reach $10 million (plus management, maintenance and operating costs).

AvYachts owners also can enjoy even more flexibility by selecting the Premier Elite Alliance membership where after enjoying weeks on the ocean, owners may trade a week on their yacht for multiple weeks at a premium Elite Alliance property in over 100 destinations throughout the world.

Instant Yachtification Trial Program

Interested parties also can trial the Instant Yachtification experience with the AvYachts Paradise Getaway Card, which offers VIP concierge yachting daily or weekly. For more information, visit www.avyachts.com.

AvYachts will be on display at the Miami Yacht Show (slip 205), February 15-19, 2018, at 4601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. Interested journalists should contact Kathy Kennedy at kkennedy@avyachts.com or (954) 526-1010.

About AvYachts

AvYachts applies to yachting the shared ownership model used by private jet travel companies. Owners can purchase shares in a yacht, entitling access for three or six weeks aboard the yacht annually, depending on the term. Simple, transparent and cost-effective annual pricing for maintenance and operations keeps everything simple, and personalized concierge service, including a robust smartphone app, ensures that ownership is hassle-free. AvYachts also offers the Paradise Getaway Card, which provides VIP concierge yachting daily or weekly.

The yachts, built by Westport, North America’s largest luxury yacht builder, are 34M (112 feet), 40M (130 feet) or 50M (164 feet) in length. AvYachts owners can travel to such sought-after destinations including South Florida, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands and New England, with planning for European and other global destinations underway. Visit AvYachts on the Web at www.avyachts.com or on Instagram at @instantyachtification.

About Instant Yachtification

Instant Yachtification means: Removing all of the barriers to entry in yachting and introducing a life-changing experience. It’s about being transported to a new luxurious world that would otherwise take years to master and many more dollars to invest in. It’s an unmatched experience for you to share with family, friends and loved ones. As a shared owner, the stress and hassle are removed from the entire equation. The yachting world becomes full of fun, adventure, wonder, care and service that very few things in life can match. Once on board, it’s your world. Your yacht. Your perfectly tailored experience. Click here to experience Instant Yachtification.

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Kathy Kennedy, 1-954-526-1010


Kathy Kennedy, 1-954-526-1010