Tom Brady Rookie Card at PWCC 2018 Inaugural Auction

CEO recaps best performing trading cards of 2017

2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Autographed Rookie Trading Card (Photo: Business Wire)

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--PWCC, the leading auction provider specializing in trading cards and related collectibles, announces that a rare, mint condition copy of Tom Brady’s rookie card from the year 2000 will be available for auction online starting February 8th, following the conclusion of this year’s big game.

One of the newest cards with a perfect 10/10 score by PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) to hit any venue in years, the card was valued at $5,000 just six years ago and is expected to fetch at least ten times that in February’s auction—highlighting one of the most prominent shifts sweeping the trading card marketplace.

“It’s astonishing to see such a recent card appreciating so dramatically in less than a half decade,” observed Brent Huigens, CEO, PWCC. “The marketplace is changing as collectors realize cards of all types and eras can offer sizeable returns in line with the Honus Wagers and Mickey Mantles of the vintage world. Gone are the days when decades-old, impossibly rare cards dominated the marketplace. Newer and less conventional cards can be a great investment, and compared with demand, can be every bit as elusive and valuable as anything else in the market. The Tom Brady rookie which will hit the marketplace on 2/8 is the perfect example of this recent maturation.”

Huigens predicts that the cards and collectibles industry will increase exponentially in coming years as markets become more efficient and interest grows, especially among those relying on these items for their investment potential. PWCC’s mission is to increase access to information and subsequent monetization of the trading card marketplace by providing the underlying tools and technologies for investors to engage in secure, informed transactions.


As a leader in the trading card marketplace, PWCC keeps a close eye on significant auction results and has identified a few of the other best performing cards of 2017 in terms of ROI. (The following represent cards that have sold for considerable profit over the past year.)

  • 2003 Gold Refractor Lebron James: Sold for $24,500 in July 2017 – an almost 500% increase from its 2015 sale of $5,511.
  • 1993 SP Derek Jeter: Current market estimates for this card are $50,000+. Last sold for $37,600 in November 2016.
  • 1933 Goudy Babe Ruth: Sold for $15,000 in October 2017, more than double the 2016 market values.
  • 1999 1st Edition Hologram Charizard (the world’s premier Pokémon card): Sold for $19,950 in October 2017, up from $5,500 in 2016.

“It’s not chaos; there is logic behind specific cards and their relative performance in the market,” added Huigens. “Trading cards are a fluid investment that follow the same rules of supply and demand as any other asset class. As the largest major market operator in the space, we understand what drives value and trading performance. We are committed to bringing this intelligence to our customers to help them maximize their investment.”


Since 1998, PWCC has provided buyers and sellers of both vintage and modern-graded trading cards with an efficient, secure and informed marketplace. Compared to traditional, more fragmented auction environments, PWCC offers technology-driven efficiencies in line with electronic financial exchanges, including reduced transaction costs, faster turn-around times, increased liquidity and greater transparency. PWCC’s proven platform provides collectors and investors with the most trusted way to invest in trading cards. Find out more and follow live auctions at


Sean Mogle, 212-593-5801

Release Summary

PWCC announces that a rare, mint condition copy of Tom Brady’s most desired 2000 rookie card will be available for auction online on Feb 8.


Sean Mogle, 212-593-5801