Trilliant Health Launches Healthcare’s First CRM Platform Designed to Rival Data-Driven Consumer Relationship Programs Used by America’s Most Sophisticated Retailers

Health IDology Provides a 360° View of Consumer Healthcare Utilization and Needs; Product Expected to Change the Way Hospitals Engage Consumers and Grow Revenue

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--()--Trilliant Health announced today the creation of an intelligent CRM platform that will allow hospitals and health systems for the first time to engage with individuals about their healthcare needs with the same level of data-driven insight that the nation’s most sophisticated retailers use to speak with their customers.

Appropriately named Health IDology, this 360° autonomous CRM aggregates and analyzes claims as well as consumer and employer data to identify each potential healthcare consumer in a given market. Based on this data it then suggests the communication channel and individualized content that will be most effective in engaging them and their family.

Health IDology is the latest offering from Trilliant Health, the rapidly growing parent of a group of healthcare technology, data and marketing companies all focused on making healthcare providers stronger through intelligent patient acquisition.

“The Trilliant Health companies are built upon an expansive claims and consumer analytic infrastructure, providing healthcare systems with the real-time information required for strategic decision making,” said Devin Carty, founder of Health IDology and chairman of the board of Trilliant Health. “Health IDology is expressly designed to work with the data and intelligence unearthed by Trilliant’s other companies to give hospitals and health systems the decided advantage they need to thrive in a competitive landscape.”

Carty explains that Health IDology has married the behaviors of over 280 million healthcare consumers available through Trilliant’s Expression Health Analytics company with employer data obtained through Trilliant’s Aegis product and the online consumer data obtained through Trilliant’s Clariture company. By supplementing this wealth of information with direct patient data, a hospital will have in one CRM engine a 360° view of the households in their market – as an employee, patient and consumer – along with a longitudinal record that helps them fully understand their needs. “By matching employer, consumer and patient data for a single individual, a hospital will understand who they are, what they are searching for, and the best way to communicate with them on an ongoing basis,” said Carty.

The insight gained through Health IDology will allow hospitals to be “more strategic and far more cost effective in their marketing strategies and expenditures,” Carty continues. “It will allow a hospital to not only target specific messages to specific people; but by combining demographics, psychographics, and dynamic response tracking, it will assure that messages have individualized content and are delivered in the medium to which consumers are most likely to respond.”

Toward that end Health IDology’s unique “recommender system” provides a complete overview of what is happening in each market, where the greatest opportunities exist, and what campaigns should be running to attract new patients. It also suggests what “evergreen” campaigns should be running to keep patients loyal. Based on the data collected, Health IDology then has the capability to run autonomously, matching individualized content, creative and channel to the targeted consumer.

“A common theme at the most recent industry events has been the future of CRM and unlocking value not yet realized. It’s obvious to me that the next CRM product cycle is near and needed,” says Darin Szilagyi, vice president of marketing and public relations for Methodist Health System in Dallas. “In my view Health IDology takes a fresh look at autonomous and ‘self-learning’ CRM that can fully maximize growth and revenue potentials. The data in this platform that is used for opportunity analysis, targeting and marketing automation is similar to a CRM I would have used in my days at AT&T. Simply put, I have never seen anything like it in healthcare.”

Health IDology is the first de novo product created by Trilliant Health, which was formed in June 2017 through the merger of Aegis Health and Clariture Health and which later acquired Expression Health Analytics. Carty says that Trilliant evaluated acquiring a CRM but didn’t see anything in the market “that was as advanced as our CRM vision, which moves healthcare CRMs from transaction based to fully automated. And none of the current healthcare CRM vendors have developed an integrated and comprehensive communication platform to enable multi-channel communication with customers the way we have. That is why we are so excited to now bring Health IDology to market.”

In addition to Carty, key members of the Health IDology team include Jeff McDonald, former senior vice president for Evarient and current chief product officer for Trilliant Health, and Justin Rodriguez, former head of CRM for CHRISTUS Corporate, Vanguard Health Systems Corporate and Tenet Healthcare Corporate and current senior vice president of Health IDology.

About Trilliant Health

Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology, data and marketing companies focused on making hospitals stronger by delivering prescriptions for growth to increase a hospital’s market share through intelligent patient acquisition. By combining best-in-class software applications with a data-integration platform that combines clinical, claims and patient-generated data, Trilliant Health can deliver market-focused and patient-level intelligence to assist hospitals and other healthcare providers in finding, retaining and assuming risk for patient populations. For more information, please visit


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Release Summary

Health IDology provides a 360° view of consumer healthcare utilization and needs and is expected to change the way hospitals engage consumers.


For Trilliant Health
Ross Goldberg, 818-597-8453, x-1