Sleepiphany Unveils a Mattress That Disrupts Bed-in-a-Box Category

Introducing a ground-breaking design that gives consumers the power to change the feel of their mattress at home, post-purchase.

CHICAGO--()--Today, Sleepiphany announced the launch of a new product in the online mattress category that offers you the freedom to change the feel of your mattress, in the comfort of your own home. Now, you have the power to customize comfort and take control of your sleep. Thanks to Sleepiphany, buying a mattress online is now worry-free.

Sleepiphany’s mantra is simple: One size does not fit all and it will not fit you. Don’t compromise on your comfort. Other online retailers force you to buy an inflexible, unchangeable mattress, sight unseen. Sleepiphany is a dynamic sleep system created to give you total control. Sleepiphany removes the fear that comes with buying online. Now a customer doesn’t have to worry that the mattress will be too firm or too soft.

Sleepiphany’s ground-breaking design gives you the ability to unzip the bed at home and rearrange the layers to make your bed firmer, or softer, bouncier, or cooler or somewhere in between. There are hundreds of possibilities for adjusting the foam layers within the mattress, and thanks to dual-sided adjustability you and your partner can each achieve your perfect comfort level.

“Buying a mattress online has its risks,” says Kathy Thornton-Bias, President of Sleepiphany. “Other companies try to make you believe that they have created ‘the’ perfect mattress – but they haven’t. With other mattresses, they make one bed. But, comfort is extremely personal, so why let someone else define it for you?” explains Thornton-Bias.

The company’s commitment doesn’t end when you get your new mattress. If you ever can’t get comfortable, even after adjusting it, we can help. Just call or email us and talk to our Sleep Squad and they can send out different pieces and parts until you love your sleep.

This product is our sleep-epiphany. “We are launching a product and forming a customer relationship that is something truly historic in the mattress industry and the name Sleepiphany really captures that for us. There is nothing like this in the market!” added Thornton-Bias.

Sleepiphany comes in standard twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king mattress sizes with prices starting at $595 USD. Backed by a 365-night Comfort Guarantee. Sleepiphany is available for purchase online. The mattress ships for free in a custom 16.5” x 16.5” x 43” box anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Upon opening and removing the packaging, the mattress expands quickly and is ready for sleep.

Stacked For You- Sleepiphany’s Simple Instructions To Make it Your Own

1. Un-zip the zipper on the side of the mattress.

2. Take out some or all of the layers and use the recipe cards to re-stack in a different order.

3. Test the mattress and feel the changes. Repeat until you find your perfect fit.

4. Need more help? Email our Sleep Squad at

Adjustability- Five (5) Layers Can Be Ordered in Hundreds of Ways

FLEX Layer (Beige Latex)
Provides ultimate bounce and pressure relief; stack near top

CHILL Layer (Blue Swirl Gel)
Keeps you cool all night long by reacting to and regulating body temperature. For smoosh and pressure relief; stack near top.

DREAM Layer 1 (Gray Support)
Show your support; simply move up to reduce bounce

DREAM Layer 2 (Gray Support)
Show your support; simply move up to reduce bounce

TIGHT Layer (Green Poly Foam)
Add firmness with this green dream machine; stack closer to the bottom for softer feel

About Sleepiphany

Sleepiphany is an online mattress brand that offers high-quality, American-made mattresses, delivered directly to your door. Inside the 13-inch mattress is a responsive sleep system, created to give you the ability to adjust, change and control the feel of the mattress. Created and backed by the expertise of Verlo Mattress, this direct to consumer retailer offers consumers more bed for the buck! It has multiple layers, each with their own features that adjust, combine and stack allowing for the mattress to change into what you need. Whether you prefer the Chill, Dream, Flex or Tight layer, you are in complete control. That’s POWER TO THE SLEEPER! For more information or to purchase a Sleepiphany mattress please visit


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Brent Tippen

Release Summary

Verlo Mattress has launched Sleepiphany, a bed-in-a-box and consumers can change the comfort of their mattress. That's POWER TO THE SLEEPER!


for Sleepiphany
Brent Tippen