Company Profile for Bambu Tech Inc.

--()--Bambu Tech Inc., headquartered in Calabasas, CA, has developed an innovative, new software technology named AWSM Ai Audio, one of the first-ever applications of "adaptive intelligence" for improving the quality of compression-compromised digital audio files and streams. It also saves manufacturing and distribution costs. It is virtually universal: It works with any compression format, including already existing libraries of MP3s, AACs, and WAV files.

Company:   Bambu Tech Inc.
Headquarters Address: 26570 Agoura Rd. Suite 180
Calabasas, CA 91302
Main Telephone: (310) 359-0762

Type of Organization: Private
Industry: Software
Key Executives: CEO: Dayne Sieling
VP, Strategy Development: Patrick Houston


Senior VP, Business Development: Larry Schwartz

Public Relations
Contact: Patrick Houston
Phone: (415) 250-2196

Contact: Dayne Sieling
Phone: (310) 359-0762

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