Alterian to Adaptive Marketers: Lose the Map, Grow the Trees

How to Boost Customer Engagement Replacing Customer Journey Maps with Opportunity Trees

DENVER, SYDNEY & BRISTOL, England--()--Alterian shows how Adaptive Marketers can avoid ineffective customer journey maps and instead boost customer engagement with growth Opportunity Trees™ -- delivering a Real-Time Adaptive Customer Experience that maximizes revenue with each individual customer.

“It’s time to change the paradigm: for years we’ve been using linear journey maps and list-based email automation to try to control the customer journey and create the best experience possible,” said Bob Hale, Alterian CEO. “But too many of those marketers have been getting lost as the customer journey became highly unpredictable, and journey map tools haven’t let them adapt fast enough to their customers’ speed. Customer journey maps are a dead-end; the answer is opportunity trees.”

An Opportunity Tree is a dynamic decision tree that exposes all the potential opportunities for an adaptive marketer to create the best possible customer experience to achieve a specific business objective. It puts the power back in the marketer’s hands.

Read more about Opportunity Trees here.

Opportunity Tree Example:

1. First, the business objective:
“Blairs” are high-value loyal customers that haven’t renewed their subscription yet. The goal is to create an Adaptive Customer Experience for Blairs by influencing their decision to renew their contract, reduce churn and increase LTV, and offer a personalized renewal experience.

2. Next, design the opportunity tree:

  • Web Opportunity
    • Blair is viewing the product page
  • Email Opportunity
    • Blair opens email after being on website
  • Mobile App Opportunity
    • Blair views account info
  • Mobile Web Opportunity
    • Blair is navigating through renewal wizard

3. Then, the payoff:

  • No matter where Blair interacts, each channel will adapt to Blair’s behavior, and consistently show relevant renewal messaging based on Blair’s historical and recent interactions with the brand. As a result, this adaptive customer experience stays relevant and coordinates, drastically increasing the chance of Blair renewing his subscription with the brand.

By upgrading the journey map to an Opportunity Tree, marketers can maximize every opportunity at every step. Where the customer journey map gets disorienting with multiple siloed strategies, a channel-centric mentality, and linear and controlling execution, the Opportunity Tree offers a single, unified strategy company-wide, a customer-centric mentality and dynamic adaptive messaging.

The outcome? 100% adaptability. Opportunity Trees let the marketer adapt to customer behavior, ensuring the right message is always sent regardless of the channel and order of interactions.

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With over 20 years’ experience, Alterian helps marketers around the world adapt to the unpredictable behavior of their customers so they can always send the right message no matter where and when an interaction occurs using the Chameleon™ Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform.

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Release Summary

Alterian shows how adaptive marketers can avoid ineffective customer journey maps and instead boost customer engagement with growth opportunity trees.


Jim McNulty, 508-481-2024