ADDING MULTIMEDIA Introducing Sfara Guardian: The First Always-On, Always-Ready Personal Safety Solution

Sfara expands its enterprise business with a new consumer offering that modernizes traditional safety services – putting personal, home and auto security into one mobile solution

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HOBOKEN, N.J.--()--Sfara, a mobile safety solutions company, announced the launch of “Sfara Guardian,” a first-of-its-kind solution that provides always-on, always-present security – protecting the user in a complete sphere of safety, no matter where they go or how they get there. Guardian employs machine learning and data science technology in a mobile app that connects users 24/7 to dedicated Emergency Managers who will guide the individual through virtually any emergency situation – whether urgent, or less critical.

Through a patented algorithm, Guardian will detect when a user needs help and connect them to an Emergency Manager immediately – dramatically increasing both the speed and accuracy at which they receive support. In addition to working with first responders to deliver crucial real-time data for rescues, Guardian’s Emergency Managers can identify and provide real-time directions to local medical centers, stay on the line until the user feels safe, dispatch non-emergency support services like roadside – and more.

Activating a call to a Guardian Emergency Manager is as simple and discreet as a tap. By triple-tapping their phone, users will be immediately connected to their Emergency Manager who will assess the situation and dispatch help directly to their location. If a user is in a situation where they can’t, or don’t feel comfortable answering the call, help will be dispatched automatically. In addition, users can set a check-point timer which will trigger an emergency call if the user doesn’t check-in before the timer runs out. Users can also simply press the red “SOS” button on the app’s interface to get help.

Guardian also offers automatic crash detection for any vehicle. The app’s algorithm, which analyzes a range of mobile sensors in real-time, can detect the instant a crash has occurred and will trigger an emergency center call. If the user doesn’t answer, an Emergency Manager will again send help to their exact location, instantly. When in a non-critical vehicle incident, such as a flat tire, Guardian users will be sent a vetted, dedicated service provider which they can track on their phone like popular ride-sharing apps.

“Technology has disrupted the way we live, think and move. But one thing that has, and will always remain the same is our need to be safe, secure and protected,” said Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara. “Sfara Guardian does just that. It delivers modern protection for our new way of living by surrounding the user in a complete sphere of safety. No matter where you go, or how you get there, whether in your car, taking a ride-share, spending a day at the beach, or exploring a new part of town, you will have access to help that is immediate and intuitive. Our goal is to make the world safer, save lives and inspire everyone to feel more confident while moving through this mobile-first world.”

“We are incredibly proud of our new solution Sfara Guardian, but more importantly humbled by the opportunity to apply our telematics and safety expertise in such a way that will dramatically impact the lives of so many people,” said Sascha Simon, President and CTO of Sfara. “We’ve built, tested and pushed our technology further to deliver a service that does truly remarkable things. It keeps you, and your loved ones, safe – no matter where you go or how you get there.”

Whether at home, in your car or anywhere in between, Guardian has the user protected in a complete sphere of safety. Emergency Managers are safety advocates, connecting local emergency responders to the individual in need to make the experience more intuitive and reliable. Guardian can deliver more accurate geolocation information, provide available medical details, and stay on the line with the person in need until the rescue is made. As a result, responders can access individuals faster and more intelligently.

The app, currently available for download on the iOS and Google Play stores, delivers comprehensive protection that is always-on, and always ready – ensuring the user is safe, no matter their location.

Sfara Guardian’s sphere of safety includes the following set of features:

Personal Safety

By simply triple-tapping their phone in check-point mode, a user can contact an Emergency Manager. The user can request that help be sent to their location, receive live directions to a local hospital or care center, or simply talk with an Emergency Manager until they’ve reached a comfortable location and feel safe. When engaged in a planned activity – such as walking the dog or meeting with someone new – the user can activate a check-point timer. When the timer ends and the user hasn’t checked-in, an Emergency Manager will reach out to confirm their safety or send help automatically if the user doesn’t answer. At any time, users also have instant one-touch access to their Emergency Manager through the red “SOS” button on the app’s interface.

Vehicle Safety

Guardian is equipped with a patented algorithm that combines sensor fusion and machine learning technologies to turn real-time vehicle data – such as sudden deceleration – into critical insight that can be used to understand what happened during the drive and when an accident has occurred. The app is built to OEM standards, and in many cases, offers better predictive technology compared to existing aftermarket and embedded solutions. The moment a crash is detected, an Emergency Manager will call the user to understand what type of help is required. If they don’t answer, the manager will liaise with local emergency services to send immediate aid.

Roadside Safety

Through a partnership with leading modern roadside provider, Guardian users have access to dedicated, on-demand roadside services right through the Guardian interface. Unlike traditional services that stack their in-bound roadside requests, the instant a user reaches out for roadside support, a dedicated service provider is immediately dispatched to their location, without combining requests or adding additional service stops. In addition, the user can track and contact their tow or service truck in real-time on their app – just like popular ride-sharing services. As a result, there’s no guesswork – and users are back on the road faster.

Guardian is currently available for download on the iOS and Google Play stores for $5 per month – far less than subscriptions to similar, yet more limited, vehicle and roadside services, that don’t also provide complete personal safety protection. While users can pay monthly, the annual subscription includes four free roadside services for virtually any kind of incident – from dead batteries and empty gas tanks, to full tows and lock-out assistance.

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About Sfara

Sfara is a mobile safety solutions company driven to make the way we live, work and move more intuitive and secure. At Sfara, we have put together a best-in-class leadership team with deep, diverse experience in industries including mobile, automotive, communications and artificial intelligence. The team has built, launched and operated Fortune 500 telematics and life safety programs across three continents, with more than 150 billion miles driven – in total, supporting over 100,000 individual emergency situations. With that collective experience, Sfara offers highly advanced analytics and safety services for its business clients, while delivering the only complete, always-on personal safety solution for consumers.

About Sfara Guardian

Sfara Guardian is the safety solution for the mobile-first world. Whether driving your car, riding in a taxi, jogging through the park or exploring someplace new, Guardian is always with you – protecting your every move with trained responders ready to help in any situation. From coordinating with local emergency resources on your behalf, dispatching a roadside crew you can track, or simply staying on the line until you feel safe – Guardian is a portable protector that is always on, always present and always ready to help.


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Sfara Guardian is the first solution that provides always-on, always-present security – protecting the user in a complete sphere of safety,


Megan Ferries, 917-502-2977