Ferguson Partners Releases Research around the 2018 Hiring Plans – Outlook is Optimistic

The research compares hiring plans for 2018 compared to 2017

CHICAGO--()--Ferguson Partners., a global professional services firm, released today research which takes a look at hiring plans for 2018 within the real estate industry. The research compares 2018 hiring plans to those in 2017.

Full survey results are available to survey participants only, but highlights of the findings include:

  • 93% of the participants said that their hiring in 2018 (versus 2017) will either remain the same or increase. Of this group, 37% of the survey participants said that their hiring in 2018 would increase, and that percentage increase was nearly 10%.
  • 62% said that hiring talent is a current challenge at their respective organization. Interestingly, the top reasons included the lack of available applicants, the lack of technical competency, and the lack of experience. This is partially due to the fact that, from 2008 to 2011, many left the industry and there was relatively little hiring.
  • Regarding functional demand, asset/property management and operations were highlighted, with 44% of the participants listing these as the top priorities.
  • Finally, regarding geographical demand, most hiring (34% of the participants) will occur in the Northeast. The West came in second, at 26%. Surprisingly, demand outside the United States, including Asia, Canada, Europe, and Latin America, was evenly spread.

Over 225 firms participated in our 2018 hiring forecast; sectors included:

  • Commercial real estate (real estate investment trusts, real estate investment managers, developers, private equity firms, real estate operating companies, commercial brokerage firms, and homebuilders).
  • Hospitality/restaurant/gaming;
  • Hospitals/healthcare services;
  • Infrastructure/engineering/construction;
  • Commercial mortgage finance; and
  • Residential mortgage finance

To be included in the 2019 Hiring Forecast Survey, and be eligible to receive full survey results, please submit your email here.

About FPL:

FPL is a global professional services firm that specializes in providing solutions to the real estate and a select group of related industries. Comprised of two businesses that work together, FPL offers solutions and services across the entire business life cycle:

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Tegin S. Roche Woods, Vice President, FPL
+1 312-893-2349


Tegin S. Roche Woods, Vice President, FPL
+1 312-893-2349