Firmspace Launches Upscale Co-Working Spaces, Opens First Location in Austin

Downtown Location Designed to Meet Privacy, Security, Community Needs of Established Professionals

Poised for National Expansion as Commercial Real Estate Disruption Continues

Firmspace’s flagship location at downtown Austin’s newest world-class urban development office center at 500 West 2nd Street. (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Firmspace, the luxury co-working suite for established professionals, is announcing the company launch and grand opening of its flagship Austin, Texas location. Designed to address the needs of the professionals forgotten by first-wave co-working, Firmspace is re-defining the executive suite—with a modern, upscale community flair.

“Co-working shouldn’t involve a trade-off between privacy and isolation,” said Matt Ferstler, CEO and co-founder of Firmspace. “Professionals such as lawyers, financial services firms and remote corporate executives demand a secure, polished, yet private office space without the financial constraints of long-term leases or the professional drag of a second-tier, crowded space. As longtime commercial real-estate professionals and business executives ourselves, we knew how to find the perfect fit for underserved, experienced professionals. Firmspace is the answer.”

A New Era of Co-Working

Co-working spaces have proliferated in a transitional economy where 3- to 10-year leases no longer make sense. While privacy-agnostic tech startups and freelancers have found a welcome home in collaborative spaces, established professionals find themselves trapped in a no-man’s-land between traditional executive suites and open-office co-working spaces. Executive suites, which are private and secure, are often located in less-desirable buildings and parts of town with limited amenities. Collaborative open offices offer community and networking opportunities, but lack privacy and security.

Firmspace fuses the best of the two, adding a new level of cachet to the co-working world. Offering premium locations and elite design aesthetics up to the most exclusive professional standards, Firmspace caters to the unmet demands of established professionals.

  • Exclusive downtown location reflects the highest level of professionalism. Located in premium AA buildings near restaurants, retail, upper class housing, courthouses and city halls, alongside companies such as Google and Deloitte, Firmspace enables professionals to offer their clients the same classy experience as their highest-end competitors.
  • Architecture and design deliver the privacy to consult confidentially and negotiate major deals. Soundproof offices, glass privacy walls, sophisticated conference rooms and state-of-the-art camera- and security entry systems enable professionals to safeguard their clients’ information and reputation, as well as their own.
  • Premium office amenities. Exquisite common areas, world-class views, natural light, fiber internet, large conferencing abilities, a fitness center and more make for a comfortable, classy workspace for any length of rental time.
  • The peace of mind to leave equipment and intellectual property at work. Top-of-the-line security and privacy let professionals relax into the space, leaving important documents and equipment at work if needed.
  • Strong community of professional peers. After hours events, networking, trade events, a proprietary online communication network and an engaged support staff make for a contribution-rich, participatory community.

Flagship Austin Workspace Open Now

Firmspace’s flagship location at downtown Austin’s newest world-class urban development office center at 500 West 2nd Street is open today. The location features 360-views of Lady Bird Lake and downtown Austin, and is home to Google’s new Austin headquarters. Firmspace plans on opening locations nationwide, with its eyes set on Denver, Houston and Atlanta next. For Firmspace inquiries, please visit

“With the launch of Firmspace, we are witnessing the second wave of co-working,” said Justin Bayne, co-founder and chief development officer of Firmspace. “Traditionally underserved niches like experienced professionals are finally finding their work home. With demand already moving us to capacity, and fast, we anticipate rapid-fire growth across the nation in the near future.”

About Firmspace

Founded in 2016, Firmspace is an upscale workspace, located exclusively in class A downtown spaces, that alchemizes premium professional needs with a strong community to drive innovation and success. Firmspace offices consist of private glass-walls, sophisticated common areas and a range of hospitality amenities. With current locations in Austin and Denver, Firmspace plans to expand to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York City, Salt Lake City and Washington D.C. Learn more at


Nicole Neumayr, 650-787-5235


Nicole Neumayr, 650-787-5235