Intensity Analytics Adds Iconic Financial Expert Ric Edelman to Advisory Board

Behavioral Authentication and Identity Security Software Company Files Additional Patents as Current Industry Solutions Fail to Stop Widespread Cyberattacks

WARRENTON, Va.--()--Intensity Analytics, a specialized software company with patented identity and cybersecurity products, announced today that top-ranked financial expert and #1 New York Times bestselling author Ric Edelman has joined the company’s board of advisors. Mr. Edelman and other investors have also participated in new funding for Intensity Analytics.

The company also announced that it has filed for additional patents that are related to the foundational US patent number 9,430,626, granted in August 2016. Intensity Analytics’ patented IP combines advanced mathematics and machine learning techniques to immediately recognize and authenticate users by their physical effort on a device, while denying access to hackers, thus negating the value of wrongfully-obtained credentials. Intensity Analytics’ legal IP work is handled by noted law firm Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner.

“I believe in investing in companies emphasizing exponential technologies with enormous market potential,” said Edelman. “Privacy breaches are scary for individuals and corporations, and are a threat to our national security. Current technologies have proven to be inadequate, and I believe that Intensity Analytics offers a highly defensible, scalable solution to this massive problem.” He added that organizations that fail to change their approach to privacy protection are vulnerable to reputational harm as well as financial loss.

Intensity Analytics has created an Artificial Intelligence engine to perform physical user and entity behavioral authentication ("physical UEBA") technology. Physical UEBA is a critically important layer in a defense-in-depth strategy, designed to reliably and successfully defeat cybersecurity problems arising from the most common attack vector: stolen user credentials. The company’s primary focus has been on developing sophisticated, new-thinking algorithms to take employee, customer, and entity authentication from traditional credential verification to the point of recognizing individual people – that is, to answer the question of "who is creating and accessing information?" The result is patented technology that provides superior identity and authentication integrity as well as threat intelligence with a frictionless user experience, using a software-only approach, without collecting any personally identifiable information (PII).

“We are delighted that Ric has joined as an investor and advisor. He shares our belief, which aligns with leading industry analyst Gartner’s prediction, that over the next three years UEBA will become the preferred approach to security operations. We are building upon our first foundational patent, tens of thousands of seats of our software are currently in use, and there is significant interest in our technology across important sectors including financial services, government/defense, healthcare, e-commerce, online education, legal and others, particularly in light of GDPR, NIST, and other coming regulations” said John Rome, CEO and co-founder of Intensity Analytics.

Intensity Analytics’ software precisely identifies who is at the keyboard or mobile device, thereby tightening security and preventing expensive breaches before they occur. The software can also run in the background, continually authenticating throughout a session rather than stopping at the point of access, eliminating the need to adopt inconvenient tokens or bespoke biometric hardware. The company offers a suite of solutions including:

  • TickStream.KeyID® for trusted authentication by applying patented AI and machine learning algorithms to your behavior to establish trust in your identity without biometrics or hardware.
  • TickStream.CV® to confirm the identity throughout a user’s session to protect the network and data from insider threats and provide continuous authentication of the users on your network.
  • TickStream.Activity® to document all user-related actions on their computer, enabling app management and providing context for security-related decisions as well as substantial cost savings related to overspend.

Large-scale independent studies, conducted by Dr. Donald Gantz, emeritus dean of the School of Engineering at George Mason University, confirmed the unique and highly accurate capabilities of Intensity Analytics’ technology and noted its ease of use, achieving these results with “little to no user training.”

By integrating the TickStream products, organizations and technology partners can more effectively secure the identities of their customers and employees to prevent cyberattacks, ensure privacy is maintained, and comply with increasingly strict industry regulations while providing their users with an enhanced frictionless experience.

About Intensity Analytics

Intensity Analytics is an expert Virginia-based software firm engaged in research and development of advanced technologies related to the measurement of human behavior. The company’s breakthrough contribution to the cybersecurity field is having invented novel mathematics which make possible the comparison of human effort with sufficient accuracy to confirm identity. The company has become a foremost innovator in accurate physical UEBA technology that also fully addresses continuously growing worldwide expectations about protecting rights to privacy. Intensity Analytics’ TickStream products leverage mathematical algorithms and patented machine learning technologies, applying true artificial intelligence powered systems to challenge existing paradigms in a wide range of identity-confirming scenarios in order to make enterprises and individuals more secure.

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About Ric Edelman

For 30 years, Ric Edelman has worked to teach everyday people about personal finance. He’s widely regarded as one of the nation’s top financial advisors, having been ranked #11 on the 2017 list of the nation’s Top Wealth Advisors by Forbes. He was previously ranked the nation’s #1 Independent Financial Advisor three times by Barron’s. Ric is the 2017 recipient of the IARFC’s Loren Dunton Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement for his “substantial contribution to the financial services profession and the financial interests of the public.” He is an inductee of Research magazine’s Financial Advisor Hall of Fame, and has been named among the “15 most transformative people in the industry” by InvestmentNews and one of the investment advisory field’s “10 most influential figures” by RIABiz. Ric is also a #1 New York Times bestselling author of nine books on personal finance. His most recent, The Truth About Your Future, was published in March 2017. For more information about Ric Edelman visit


The Blueshirt Group, for Intensity Analytics
Alex Wellins


The Blueshirt Group, for Intensity Analytics
Alex Wellins