eSana Health Launches Discount Healthcare Plans, Giving Consumers Alternative to Insurance

DALLAS--()--With healthcare more expensive and frustrating than ever, eSana Health has launched nationwide affordable subscription healthcare plans promising to save households thousands of dollars annually. With plans as low as $24.95 a month, eSana provides access to discounted medical and dental services.

This is not insurance. It’s an alternative way to get quality, affordable healthcare in a straightforward manner. Available in 42 states, primarily in metropolitan areas, eSana uses established and trusted provider networks that have already helped more than 1 million Americans save more than $1 billion.

Affordable family healthcare

“People are paying more for healthcare and getting less,” said Bill Baldridge, founder and president of eSana Health. “Our families are getting squeezed between astronomical insurance premiums and bigger roadblocks to the care we all want.”

He said that eSana is adding competition to the market. Its plans can supplement insurance coverage or be a substitute, depending on users’ needs. “Our plans won’t fix the healthcare mess in this country, but they will give households huge savings on valuable care.”

eSana offers three plans:

  • MedPlus, $24.95 a month per household, provides discounts on primary care, surgeries, ancillary services and prescriptions. Its telemedicine service saves families hassle and time with 24/7 access to doctors and pharmacists for $25 each visit.
  • DentalPlus, also $24.95 a month, grants members access to reduced-rate dental services, and discounts on vision and chiropractic care and prescriptions.
  • DeluxePlus combines medical, dental, vision, chiropractic and prescription benefits into one plan with the most value at $39.95 a month. It also features bill negotiator services.

Savings vary depending on the service, for example up to 80 percent on negotiated hospital bills and 85 percent on annual prescription costs. eSana’s network features more than 85,000 dental professionals, 12,000 optical providers, 7,500 chiropractic providers and 56,000 chain and independent pharmacies. Unlike other programs, eSana allows extended family members and even roommates to be part of a member’s household – the bigger the household, the more people that save.

Plans are sold online ( or by telephone (888-241-7489), as eSana doesn’t have a sales force to keep administrative costs low.

Helping communities

Baldridge said eSana’s objective is to help build healthier communities even though the state of healthcare is unpredictable. Its affordable plans will enable people to enjoy healthy lifestyles instead of only seeking medical help when sick or injured.

eSana is contributing to communities by supporting worthwhile local charities. For each member, eSana will donate $2 a month to its charitable fund. “We believe that building healthier communities requires a little help from everyone, so we are doing our part,” Baldridge said.


for eSana Health
Eric Paulson

Release Summary

eSana Health launches subscription discount plans to help consumers save money on quality medical and dental care.

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for eSana Health
Eric Paulson