CPS HR Consulting Announces Findings from Employee Engagement Report

CPS HR Consulting Survey Reveals Room for Growth in Employee Engagement

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--()--CPS HR Consulting’s Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement’s recently published report, "Driving Employee Engagement: Results from a 2016 National Survey,” details findings from a national poll that assessed the level of engagement in the public and private sectors.

“This survey shows why there is a need for public sector organizations to focus on measuring and improving employee engagement,” said Bob Lavigna, director of the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, CPS HR Consulting. “Engaged employees believe that their organizations value them and, in return, they are more likely to go above the minimum and deliver performance.”

The CPS HR research is distinctive because the results are nationally representative and not based solely on the CPS HR client base. The survey results are reported by level of government; and the report identifies the factors that drive engagement across the different governmental levels.

The survey found that 38 percent of public sector employees are fully engaged, compared to 44 percent of private sector employees. Additionally, the survey also found a positive relationship between engagement and employee perceptions of organizational performance. Engaged employees across both sectors said that they were three times more likely to believe their organizations are successful.

In the report, CPS HR recommends that individual government organizations survey their employees to understand their workforces and the unique factors that can influence their employees’ engagement levels. Additionally, the research suggests government agencies consider the following recommendations:

  • Leaders should understand the business case and lead with engagement in mind. The study provides additional evidence that the government can improve performance and service delivery by improving employee engagement. Government leaders should therefore focus on improving engagement as a critical pillar of leadership.
  • Recognize that there is room for improvement, measure engagement and then take action. Based on the survey results, there is considerable room for improvement in all levels of government. To leverage this opportunity, government organizations should regularly conduct engagement surveys and then act on the results.
  • Understand that employee well-being is linked to engagement. In the poll, fully engaged employees reported a higher feeling of personal well-being, which can lead to higher levels of performance and retention. Because work is an important part of many people’s lives, government organizations should focus on engagement as a way to improve employee well-being.
  • Pay attention to the key drivers of engagement. Each government organization should survey its own employees and analyze the results to identify its own engagement drivers. However, it is also useful to understand the drivers overall. Government jurisdictions and agencies should pay attention to the following areas - each of which is a low-scoring driver.
    • Focus on leadership, including leadership development.
    • Manage change more effectively.
    • Invest in employee training and development.
    • Focus on the quality of supervision, particularly in local government.
    • Make sure employees feel valued.
    • Encourage risk-taking, sharing ideas and innovation.
  • Continue to emphasize connection to mission. Achieving a high level of employee engagement does not only mean improving low-scoring factors. It also means focusing on the high-scoring areas. In the study, government employees scored significantly higher than private sector employees on the statement, “Organization’s mission is important to me.” The government must continue to emphasize this strong connection to mission.

To view and download the full report, visit: http://www.cpshr.us/EmployeeEngagement/pdfs/DrivingEmployeeEngagement.pdf.

For more information about employee engagement, check out the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement webpage: http://www.cpshr.us/EmployeeEngagement.

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Release Summary

CPS HR's recently published report details findings from a national poll that assessed the level of engagement in the public and private sectors.


CPS HR Consulting
Geralyn Gorshing, 916-471-3373
Director of Marketing and Communications