W2O Group Announces New Proprietary Relevance Model and Index

Offering will help marketers and communicators better connect with customers, employees and shareholders beyond typical reputational scores

W2O unveiled the Relevance Model and Index, a new corporate intelligence framework that measures the "relevance" of leading organizations and corporate brands.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--W2O Group, a network of innovative analytics-driven, digital-first marketing and communications firms, today unveiled the W2O Group Relevance Model and Index, a new corporate intelligence framework that measures the “relevance” of leading organizations and corporate brands. It is based on a proprietary algorithm that integrates key digital signals (e.g., interest, engagement and amplification) with key stakeholders in the ecosystem (e.g., customers, employees, financial community, policy makers) to determine how connected and engaged brands are with their markets.

“Being relevant today means aligning interests and purpose for shared success,” said Jim Weiss, founder and CEO of W2O Group. “Relevance is about consistency of behavior vs. consistency of message or communications.”

The Relevance Model provides a decision-making protocol to marketers and communicators seeking to connect consistently and authentically on multiple levels with key audiences. It covers areas that are meaningful to an organization’s business, core purpose and strategic direction, as well as areas that are meaningful to its audiences. The Relevance Model provides a framework for discerning relevance at the corporate level and a roadmap for improving relevance in key dimensions important to the business.

“The biggest challenge for organizations that want to increase their relevance is to move from a media coverage/broadcast communications model to one that reflects the rise of influence as a means of opinion formation and brand affinity,” said Gary F. Grates, principal at W2O Group and an architect of the Relevance Model. “Today, given the social and digital nature of business, relevance is the new reputation.”

“Fortunately, communicators and marketers now have an unprecedented ability to provide audiences with content they find interesting and valuable, utilizing analytics to track impact --what they search, click-on, spend time on, talk about and share,” said Rob Jekielek, managing director, corporate analytics, at W2O, who designed the Relevance Model. “New analytics approaches now make it possible to more precisely understand how to create the right stories and experiences, in the right places, to spark deeper audience engagement and action.”

About the W2O Group Relevance Model and Index

The Relevance Model begins with a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s audience reality and then dissects interests, networks, communities and topics into a relatable data set that can be assimilated and acted upon in real time. It provides a unique approach for connecting the dots between social/digital analytics and traditional stakeholder market research to identify unique integrated insights, as well as key risks and opportunities.

The Relevance Model is built on Interest (organic search), Engagement (content and social media) and an organization’s customer stakeholder ecosystem, which includes customers, prospects, policy makers, employees and consumers.

For detailed information about the Relevance Model, as well as which of the largest, most disruptive companies operating in the United States rate highly on the Index and are most relevant, read Gary Grates’ blog post.

About W2O Group

Founded and led by CEO Jim Weiss in 2001, W2O is an independent network of complementary digitally-oriented marketing and communications firms focused on integrated business solutions to drive change and growth for the world's leading brands and organizations. W2O is built on insight integration, a strategic approach based on unearthing transformative insights and integrating them —across all marcom disciplines—for our clients’ brands. The goal is to create Unfair Advantage for our clients who face dramatic challenges in a shifting environment by following the right data to get to the solution. The right data clarifies your audience, what matters to them, and where your brand fits in their lives. W2O employs proprietary analytics models, methodologies and approaches in a digital world to design precise communications and marketing strategies and engagement to deliver sustained business results. W2O’s network includes WCGTwist MktgPure, Marketeching and Sentient, with a growing footprint of offices in the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit www.w2ogroup.com.

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Release Summary

W2O today unveiled the Relevance Model and Index, a new corporate intelligence framework that measures the “relevance” of organizations and brands.


W2O Group
Peter Duckler, 310-774-3425