Realm Platform 2.0 Is Significant Step Forward for Building Responsive and Real-Time Mobile Applications

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Realm, the world’s most popular real-time mobile platform today announced Realm Platform 2.0, a significant upgrade to the industry’s most popular mobile database solution that makes it even easier for developers to build real-time, responsive mobile apps that deliver an unmatched user experience.

The Realm Platform empowers organizations and developers to build mobile apps that offer real-time features like messaging and collaboration that were previously only possible for organizations with virtually unlimited IT and developer resources. A real-time distributed database — installed more than 3.5 billion times within applications including Starbucks, SAP, eBay, Intel and Alibaba — coupled with a “serverless” compute platform called the realm Object Server, the Realm Platform is being deployed at companies in industries such as healthcare, logistics, telecommunications and manufacturing.

The release of Realm Platform 2.0 includes a number of new capabilities including:

  • Realm Studio, a breakthrough new tool that provides developers with a window into the data stored in Realm that powers the mobile app, and a comprehensive understanding for how the in-app Realm Database is interacting with the Realm Object Server to deliver real-time mobile experiences. Realm Studio is available at no cost to all Realm Database users.
  • Easy installation and configuration of the Realm Platform via the world’s most popular package manager, npm (node package manager). Now, everyone from solo developers to large enterprise IT teams can use this familiar tool to quickly install the Realm Object Server on a wide variety of platforms, including all major Linux variants, Mac OS, and many more. npm support makes it simple and quick for developers to quickly get Realm up and running to develop responsive and real-time mobile apps.
  • A new, fully pluggable authentication system that integrates with any existing system, making it easier to integrate the Realm Platform into existing infrastructure, as middleware or a mobile data synchronization layer.
  • A variety of stability, usability and performance improvements across the database and platform, as well as bug fixes and enhancements.

“With mobile devices becoming the primary computing device for consumers and workers, a new stack is required that will make it easy for developers to build full-featured mobile apps that deliver a phenomenal user experience,” said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO, Realm. “We believe that the Realm Platform is a fundamentally important part of this new stack, and the new features in 2.0 are in line with our goal of becoming the data layer for the next Internet.”

Realm Platform 2.0 supports a wide range of real-time messaging, collaborative and offline use cases, including:

  • Build offline-first features and apps. Always-on connectivity is not a reality, but users expect mobile apps to perform as if it is. Realm’s “live object” approach, embedded database, and real-time sync provide a great experience with or without connectivity. With Realm, field and remote workers, or consumers going for a long urban hike who hit dead spots can stay engaged and productive as they transition seamlessly between online and offline states. Realm ensures that user data remains accessible offline, and resolves any conflicts when connectivity is restored. With the Realm Platform, your best app is always offline-first by default.
  • Mobilizing legacy databases. To really become business grade, mobile apps must be able to tap into the data that’s housed inside existing enterprise databases that weren’t designed for the real-time demands of modern mobile apps. Realm overcomes these architectural challenges through a data middleware that translates legacy data into real-time, mobile-friendly data objects that are easy for mobile teams to work with, and that deliver a superior user experience. The Realm Platform ensures that data flows are secure, and makes it easy to add data workers to scale up. As data changes on either side, Realm automatically keeps it all in sync so that your app, and your users, are always working with current data.
  • Bring the server closer to your users with edge computing. Data ideally shouldn’t have to travel farther than required. Realm’s pragmatic edge computing model enables users to handle data and compute wherever it makes the most sense — ranging from on-premise or cloud servers to a cell phone base station. The Realm Platform handles network changes, data sync, and tower-to-tower communications. By offloading processor-intensive tasks to the Realm Object Server, the heavy lifting remains server-side, and users can avoid expensive round trips for data that can stay local.

About Realm

Realm is the mobile platform powering the world’s most responsive applications. Launched in 2014, the Realm Mobile Database is the most popular third-party database in the world, and the mobile database enabling high-performance, highly engaging end-user experiences for more than a billion users of mobile apps. The Realm Platform, which combines the Realm Mobile Database and the new Realm Object Server, is the ideal solution for any company that wants to deliver great and collaborative user experiences through live data synchronization between users and offline app availability. For the first time, any company in any industry can now easily and affordably build mobile apps that offer real-time features like messaging and chat, collaboration and endpoint computing. More information about the company is available at or @realm.


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Release Summary

New upgrade to the industry’s most popular mobile database to build real-time, responsive mobile apps that deliver an unmatched user experience.


for Realm
Merrill Freund, 415-577-8637