NUVI Unveils Monitors Enterprise, Social Listening Platform Built for Businesses

Company Also Announces Social Data Warehouse, a Companion Product that Provides Enterprise Customers with Access to Their Raw Data

LEHI, Utah--()--NUVI, the enterprise social media analytics provider, today announced Monitors Enterprise, a new platform for advanced social listening, data analytics and reporting created to meet the growing needs of enterprise companies. Powered by the fastest data curation and optimization engine, Monitors Enterprise empowers businesses to understand and enhance customer engagement and loyalty, improve brand awareness and discover actionable insights for crisis management.

Since its inception and particularly in the last year, the company has increased traction with enterprise customers, closing three times as many enterprise-size deals in the third quarter of 2017 than all of 2016. Its average deal size has also tripled since last year. Through its partnership with Business Wire, NUVI has also significantly increased the volume of reports it produces, generating comprehensive social media monitoring reports to a large percentage of the Fortune 500.

“Social media can be a goldmine – or landmine – for businesses,” said Derek Bryce, president of sales and marketing at NUVI. “It’s never been more important for companies to keep an ear to the ground, but with the rapid pace and sheer number of social conversations, it has been no easy feat. We built Monitors Enterprise to give companies the ability to cut through the noise and dive into the information that matters most to their business, while providing opportunities to lift brand awareness and build customer engagement.”

The beta version of Monitors Enterprise is already being used by companies in a variety of industries, including financial giant National Australia Bank, lifestyle brand Stance, telecommunications company Jive Communications and full-service advertising agency Virgen Digital Brand Marketing.

“As an agency, we manage social accounts for our clients and need a dynamic platform that can keep up,” said Caroline McBride, social media manager at Virgen Digital Brand Marketing. “Monitors Enterprise is the comprehensive social tool we’ve been waiting for. It takes the guesswork out of social media management by providing clear, easily digestible insights that allow us to act fast, offering the analysis and reporting we need to discover data and measure impact.”

NUVI also announced availability of Social Data Warehouse, a solution for the entire enterprise organization that serves as a companion product to Monitors Enterprise. Social Data Warehouse provides organizations with the flexibility to take data from the mentions and topics they’re tracking on social and incorporate them into their analytics platform to easily run queries against NUVI findings. In doing so, businesses can layer social mentions into campaign, revenue and sales volume data and more accurately measure the impact social has on the bottom line.

Key Features of Monitors Enterprise include:

Real-Time Monitoring Across All Channels – Monitors Enterprise gives business users the ability to access social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more in real-time. Users can instantly review positive or negative comments or identify influencers and engage directly.

High Performance Data Collection Engine – With Monitors Enterprise, users don’t have to waste time on manual data loads, spreadsheets or algorithm configurations. NUVI’s data collection engine automatically pulls social data so teams can instantly optimize and respond to social conversations.

Enhanced Data Segmentation – The segments tool empowers users to organize, isolate, analyze and digest social data like never before. It provides a fast and easy approach to segmenting insights by keywords, demographics, channels or any number of dimensions users require. Most importantly, users’ specifications are saved for future reference and can be applied directly to existing monitors.

Smart Sentiment Industry Packs NUVI is bringing intelligent industry packs, complete with pre-weighted sentiment algorithms, to the enterprise to make monitoring even more insightful. This out-of-the-box capability gives users the ability to respond to opportunities quickly and easily identify relevant trends for their business. Additionally, NUVI’s sentiment learning enables business users to create their own custom rules for weighting words and phrases that uniquely apply to their products, services or locations. Powered by machine learning, Monitors Enterprise provides faster insights to sensitive issues that affect businesses.

Customizable Reports – Monitors Enterprise offers users the ability to customize reports for a specific audience so they’re easy to understand and provide everyone with actionable insights that drive better customer engagement and inform future social campaigns.

Access to Historical Data – Monitors Enterprise provides a trove of data through its Historical Archives, which helps contribute to a fuller trending picture. Whether users require information on what was trending six months ago or just a few weeks back, NUVI dips into its records to provide the most salient information, as it’s available.

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About NUVI

NUVI is the world’s most stunning social media marketing suite and is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for innovative and socially intelligent organizations. Its real-time social media analytics platform allows brands to improve brand awareness, discover actionable insights, and enhance customer engagement and loyalty. NUVI is also the exclusive partner in the wire service industry of the world’s leading commercial newswire, Business Wire, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. NUVI reports are a component of Business Wire’s exclusive GMSM (Global-Mobile-Social Measurable) service.


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NUVI Unveils Monitors Enterprise, Social Listening Platform Built for Businesses



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