Latin American Entrepreneurs Commit to Promote Regional Integration and Fight against Corruption and Poverty

Camilo Atala Faraj, a Honduran businessman, was ratified as president of CEAL Internacional for a second term

LOS CABOS, Mexico--()--In a forum of more than 250 regional entrepreneurs, the Latin American Business Council (CEAL) reaffirmed its commitment to driving regional integration, reducing poverty levels and promoting best practices that strengthen corporate ethics and transparency in the fight against corruption. The Council also emphasized the importance of free trade agreements for the region’s development, and its willingness to renew and adapt them to the new reality of Latin America.

Camilo Atala Faraj, president of CEAL International, stressed that the private and public sectors must work together to find solutions and adapt business models to the world’s new realities, in order to seize opportunities and conduct an effective reinvention.

"Organizations such as ours have a decisive role as change agents that promote a shared agenda in Latin America that includes higher-risk projects but ensuring that we address key issues such as human rights, gender equality, poverty, environment and health. We must be business activists that aim at reaching greater collective aspiration: to drive a better quality of life," Atala stated.

Likewise, Atala announced an agreement between CEAL, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), which will be signed soon and will facilitate the exchange of information and best practices to promote development, advance infrastructure projects and contribute to fight poverty.

Mexico’s former President, Felipe Calderon, during his presentation on the Integration of Latin America, emphasized the importance of the private sector to reach the regional goals, such as reducing poverty, battling corruption and strengthening institutions.

During 2017, CEAL concentrated its efforts on three main pillars: Empowering local chapters; promoting best practices and promoting a renewed CEAL through the inclusion of young entrepreneurs and the development of a new vision for the organization’s future.

Ratification of Camilo Atala as president of CEAL Internacional

CEAL’s Board of Directors, ratified Camilo Atala as president of CEAL Internacional for a second consecutive term.

"I thank the Board of Directors for giving me the honor and privilege of chairing this Council for an additional term. I accept this responsibility with humility and with my highest commitment to serve the Council in the development of its objectives, as well as to continue working for a better Latin America," stated Atala, who also thanked his vice presidents, Juan Cortina Gallardo, from Mexico and Carlos Enrique Mata, from Guatemala.

Integration of young entrepreneurs in CEAL

CEAL's focus on innovation requires the inclusion of young entrepreneurs, therefore the Council has strengthened its commitment to the new generation of business leaders with the involvement of Carlos Enrique Mata Saravia, who has pledged to lead the organization's efforts with young business people and entrepreneurs in the region.

The Council will create a "CEAL Youth Network," to promote young leaders’ integration into CEAL’s local chapters.


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For Latin American Business Council (CEAL)
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